New York City, Prepare To Be Be-Sieged!

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with a cousin in New Jersey and various others of the American branch of the family (she gave up England for Jersey – it must have been love!;)). Is there any chance I could meet some of our New York City Dopers the day after Thanksgiving? My plans are open that day, and I’d love a chance to meet some of you.


Hmmm. What town in NJ are you heading to? I’m in Milltown, near New Brunswick.

I’m not from the Jersey area so I don’t have anything useful to say. I just wanted to note, strictly from a user-name-standpoint, that I think it would be very funny to see Wonko The Sane Under Siege.

Drat! I will be out of town on the day after Thanksgiving so I will miss you.

I’d love to meet you the next time you come into town.