New Yorkers Rally 'Round Sue Simmons! Or Not!

After 30-some years as a WNBC newscaster, Sue Simmons is being pink-slipped. She is just the kind of chipmunky, giggly newscaster I should hate, but I have to admit to a fondness for her. She’s really good when she wants to be, and her flubs are endearing (as well as her occasional cussing).

As shocking as her firing us–it really isn’t. She’s 68 years old and has been out with back problems, and I have a feeling she is not good at contract negotiations (“I’ll come in when I fucking *feel *like it!”). Still, I cannot imagine the news scene without her–of course, I sill miss Pat Harper, Betty Furness and Jessica Savitch . . .

Has anyone outside of the NY area ever heard of Sue, or is she purely a local celeb?

I was always a fan, particularly when she worked with Chuck Scarborough. But I’ve been out of the area for years, so I haven’t seen her recently.

I’m on the West Coast and to the best of my recollection had never heard of her before seeing this story.

But if she’s a 30-year anchor in New York City I’m sure I’ve seen her at some point and just had no reason to retain the experience.

Chuck and Sue have been on WNBC since before I was born. Nonetheless, it occurs to me that nobody has asked her if she even wants her contract to be renewed. She is 68, and has had some serious back problems and surgeries in recent years. Maybe she wants to retire.

AFAIK, she hasn’t publicly commented on it at all. So after my expression of OUTRAGE!!!111, I must wonder whether the decision was mutual or not.

The Daily News (“The paper for people who like to read fast or have to read slow!”) says she makes $5 million a year and has been having diva fits lately.

The one encounter I had with her, she was charming and delightful, but then I am not her boss or her coworkers.

Sue Simmons fired? What the fuck are you doing!?

I’ve heard of the names of Sue, and Chuck, only because they’re mentioned in a Fountains of Wayne song. Still, for awhile I assumed they were fictional newscasters.

Beaten to the punch!

Chuck is no spring chicken either. I suppose being a man makes all the difference. Or the not cursing on air part. But then again Ernie’s gotta be older than the both of them put together and he told his weatherman to keep fucking that chicken on air-- as opposed to Sue’s accidental fuck-- and Ernie keeps fucking that chicken on air.

Somewhere I read that she was the highest paid female anchor ever anywhere. Perhaps NBC got tired of paying so much money for such an old woman.

If it was that NBC wants to put a younger face on the news and was letting both Chuck and Sue go I wouldn’t think much of it, but to renew his contract and not hers makes no sense to me.

Of course I have never worked in television or the news, have never met them, and so forth.

This is Cindy Adams’ column that I read yesterday. From it I inferred that Sue would stay if asked.

I haven’t lived in that market for years either. I’ve lived here for eight years and don’t know the local anchors’ names. Denise Something and the guy with the large round head…

Sorry, never liked her. However, she’s at least got a personality (not always a good one, but she’s not yet another pretty generic blonde who reads the teleprompter).

I still miss Roger and Bill.

Pat Harper died in 1994? I had no idea.

Wow. I haven’t lived in New York since my university days 25 or so years ago, and I remember Sue Simmons, and Chuck Scarborough, and Ernie Anastos (sp?). I’m surprised any of them are still on the air.

Anastos actually died over 15 years ago, but they’re doing a helluvajob keeping his animated corpse looking somewhat humanish. The move to high-def isn’t helping with the cover-up, though…

I love Ernie. He’s 68.

Is he really? Chuck and Sue are 68, too–did they breed them all in a lab the same year?

Bill Buetel and Roger Grimsby. Hol.y crap, I haven’t heard them referenced in ages…man I feel old now.

ETA - Different network, but Chuck and Sue must have started around the time they sailed off into the sunset. Great, now I feel even older.

Was never a big fan but didn’t dislike her enough to switch the channel just because she is on.

Somewhere I heard that Chuck Scarborough was independently wealthy and didn’t really need to work at all. No idea where I heard that or if its true.

This thread is making me nostalgic for Rolland Smith, on whom I had a crush - but only until he shaved off his rather formidable mustache.

I remember Rolland. He was a cute Mark Spitz!

Speaking of old-assed anchors, what about Kaity Tong? This woman has a portrait in her basement for sure.

It probably makes more difference that Chuck isn’t quite so highly paid, prepares for his tv appearances and does a lot more charity and corporate functions for the station than Sue does.