New Zoo Revue Coming Right at You

What was the deal with the mid70’s kid show “The New Zoo Revue”?

A. Was there an Old Zoo Revue?

B. Did Doug & the Female Human side kick ever work again? (Like Doug did a cameo in Trainspotting or something and Emmy Lou (?) was that her name?) was an extra in The Contender …)

C. Can you still here the song in your head sometimes when you’ve been drinking?

Just wondering …

hear the song I meant … geeze

Oh gods, Henrietta Hippo used to give me daymares.

Emmy Jo. I have a thing for short skirts and knee-high boots. I watched Emmy Jo on NZR during my formative years. Coincidence?

Oh and look on the internet for a NZR outttake in which Freddy the Frog invites Charlie the Owl to perform fellatio on him. Seriously. Very funny.

Apparently, Doug and Emmy Joe got married, and are still together, living in (of all places) Las Vegas.

However, they’re not acting or singing any more. They formed a company called Laguna Productions, and they do a lot of commercials and media campaigns.

I dunno which, but either the frog or the owl was Chuck Woolery.

For some reason one of the local public access channels here is rerunning this show in the mornings (I guess when they can’t book any lucrative showmercials.) Although it was one of my all-time favorites as a kid (I’m thinking I was around 4 or 5, and I even had a NZR coloring book) I’m simply FLABBERGHASTED at how horribly bad it is. Seeing Henrietta Hippo from today’s context makes her seem downright offensive (Ok, grotesquely fat, stupid, Southern woman stereotype. Gotcha!) I was so excited to see it again but I ended up turning it off in pain after about 5 minutes. (And yes…I’ll still burst into the theme song on occasion - drunk or sober.)

Chuck Woolery apparently played “Mr. Dingle,” the mailman. This site has a number of comments regarding the show. Oddly enough, about a third of them prominently mention Emmy Jo’s go-go boots, so Alphagene isn’t alone.

Just confirming that Emmy Jo and Doug are married (as of about five years ago) and living in Las Vegas. They went to the church of a good friend of mine that I often attended (First Presbyterian, in case you want to stop by). Emmy Jo just goes by Emily now, though. And she can sing.

That horrible hippo! :eek: Absolutely revolting. As I recall, she was pale white with pink highlights. Reminds me of the week-dead corpse of a hippo. Crossed with one of the Golden Girls .


Call me a perv, but I always wanted the kangaroo chick.

Ahh, yes, the New Zoo Revue. When I was a youngun’, I cuoldn’t get off the ground in the morning without watching it.

Great. I hope it’s busy at work for the next few nights, I don’t want to find myself standing on a dead game with the NZR theme buzzing through my head.

The week of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was bad enough.

I LOVED New zoo revue!!! Freddy the frog kicked butt! My brother even bought me a new zoo record when I was little. I found it about two years ago but couldn’t listen to it because I no longer have a turntable. I kept the record somewhere though.
If only I had kept my pacman fever album!

Sidenote: New zoo revue still airs occasionally. I saw it not long ago and forced my wife to watch since she didn’t know what it was. For shame!

O man, The New Zoo Revue! I used to watch the NZR every single day before school in the late '70s! I would watch the NZR before school and then The Krofft Superstar Hour after school! Damn, life was good back then! :wink:

At let me tell ya, I used to have a huge crush on Betty Jo! Hell, I still do!

For all your New Zoo Revue needs go here:

Check out those costumes! LOL!


Their email addresses are on that page. You should email her and let her know! I’m sending freddy frog an email later today. :slight_smile:

If you do email you should really use her correct name though. Might get a better reception.


Damn this BB and it’s blasted no edit functionality! :wink:

[ahem]I apologize, it’s Emmy Jo, not Betty Jo! LOL!


I had to go to the IMDb do find out what a “New Zoo Revue” is. I agree, that hippo is freaky.

Chrome Spot, I think you have your zoo shows confused. Zoobilee Zoo was the one with the girl kangaroo. And if you’re a perv, so am I. :wink:

voguevixen, I remember seeing it in the early morning hours when I was back in Fremont (like channel 30 or 50 or something). They must have re-played it over and over, since it always seemed to be on that station.

Was the Zoobilee Zoo kangaroo related to Kanga Roddy? (their website’s gone, but here’s a description of the show (from here)

They forgot to mention that he was voiced by Mickey “We Built This City on Rock ‘n’ Roll” Thomas.

Anyone remember the episode (maybe more than one) of MST3K in which they had one of the movie characters singing, “It’s the New Zoo Revue …” under his breath?

Yeah, I think it was that weird four fingered old guy in Teenagers From Outer Space. He was the red-hot female lead’s uncle or something. He was also Mr. Romaine in Ed Wood’s The Sinister Urge. Why we was singing the NZR theme escapes me. Maybe Joel just got hold of some funky weed that week.