newbie! hehe

ok…well being the stupid person i am, i kinda happened to stumble across this site…found it when i was searching for an answer to my science homework and then wasted the rest of the night reading useless information…anyways…i just thought i’d start a thread and see what came out of it! hehe…so ya know…if you find it in the goodness of ur heart to acctually reply to this…then thanks! if not…screw you!

First of all, there is no such thing as useless information :smiley:

Second of all, welcome aboard ! Don’t drink all the beer. The bathroom is on your left in the back

thanks detop…i feel loved now!!:smiley:

So did you ever find the answer? If so, what was it? “Kuiper Belt objects”? “Xenozoonoses”? “Barium chloride?” Come on, don’t leave us hanging like that…

All information is useless in the end.

I’ll drink to that!

hi, nice to have u onboard. I am also new to posting…i’ve been reading the posts for about 2 years but never thought of doing it myself. about 2 weeks ago i figured why not create a name and add my 2 cents to posts. anyway, look forward to reading your messages in the future

Welcome and get used to your new addiction. There’s no controling it. :wink:

sternvogel…yes i found my information…amazingly enough! i had to answer a bunch of questions on a common knowledge questionare and one of the questions was who’s face is on the dime…and i forget the answer now…but hey…the fact is that i found it right?!


Now, where was on this English paper?

–still procrastinating, SD is great for that!

not english, it was for intergrated science…god only knows why…

Welcome to you too lax wolf. :smiley:


oops…that should have read, where was I on that English paper.

lol…ok then

That’s Og, darling.


right…Og got it! :smiley:

Uh, don’t go in there. Whew.

And welcome! :wink:

I’m kinda new here myself (I just have a big mouth…)

Why is it Og?
And welcome aboard, foxygal. Ditto what cadolphin about addiction!

What exactly does Og mean?

…very uh…interesting thread green_bladder