Newborn baby born with hair?

The sister of a friend of mine just gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. In looking at the picture, this baby seems to have quite a lot of hair. Is it normal for a baby to be born with recognizable hair? It’s quite a contrast to my friend’s other sister who gave birth 2 months ago. That baby is still close to bald, even after two months.

Sure it’s normal. I delivered a lot of babies with pretty full heads of hair, back in my baby-delivering days. Nothing remarkable about it at all.

Either way it’s normal. Seriously?

Yup. Normal.

Another vote for normal. One of my cousins came home from the hospital with a bow in her hair. Our (Italian) family has thick hair.

Absolutely. My baby picture and my brother’s baby picture show a tiny amount of fuzz, so does my nephew’s. Before the smart phone era, I didn’t often see pictures of newborn babies that weren’t very close to the family.

It’s often more noticeable on babby with dark hair. Blonde babby often has very fine, very light hair that sort to blends in.

Bald is more common than hairy, but it’s still not anything bizarre.

All three of mine, including the one born 6 weeks early, had 1-2 inches of hair on their head at birth.

My daughter was born with hair , all the babies in my family had a head of hair when they were born . My sister’s baby had a beautiful black hair when she was born.

My daughter was born with a full head of hair, and my son was pretty much bald.

There is even an old wive’s tale that mothers-to-be have more morning sickness from babies born with lots of hair - which I seriously doubt has any validity at all, but my point is that hairy babies are common enough to have generated such a myth.

If memory serves, newborn hair typically falls out and leaves the baby bald sometime after birth, right? Permanent hair then grows in like it does on a baby who was born bald?

I can happen–it happened to my daughter–but it’s by no means a sure thing. I was born with a full head of hair that never went away.

I’ve seen tons (literally) of babies in my work. Some are bald and some need a haircut (and a few need a shave)!

This does seem to be a time when a google image search would clear things up.

Lil bro and I are redheads and we both had noticeable hair at birth. I think John Mace is on the money with blond/e babies being harder to notice their hair.

Tom Tildrum, that can happen, but I don’t think it’s any more typical than a baby being born with a different hair color at birth than they end up with the rest of their childhood.

I had a big head of hair when I was born. Seriously, you’ve never heard of this?

This didn’t happen with my baby or my sister’s baby . Their hair turn texture as they got older.

I don’t think so. I know that hair can change after birth, but my first was born with a full head of hair and stayed that way.

You can even see hair on the ultrasounds.

My daughter’s black hair fell out over time, to be replaced with blonde hair.