Newest Great Debate... [Is there one Grand Conspiracy controlling the evil in the world?]

After so many years of conspiratorial propaganda and theorists divulging the wicked ways of the seriously twisted mind we come to an age where conspiracy is no longer dwelled upon or even thought of by many… Aside the opposition of paranoia involved in the progression of these theories conspiracy serves as a great foundation for many perplexities in life. However, now it has been made apparent that maybe all these sandals in the white house and otherwise were indirectly connected to the web of (a) wicked spider(s). Has it really been the mindful escape to possibilities that lead us from the debate for so long or was it the actuality and reality invited by the means of which I am about to reveal…
Is there really many theories we should prove or disprove. Or is there simply one. One conspiracy that our mindfulness and intellect should gain focus of. Theorists have outlined good points. All theories consist of evil plotting and a grouped center that ultimately evades public eye and secretly works towards the main goal. World destruction or utter chaos… Revelation states that tragedy will strike, but have we been reading the words of this “prophecy” (cough - conspiracy) correctly. Raconteuse minds unite to solve the puzzle an opposition of the likened has created.
“Those who go last walk first. And the first shall walk second.” - does this maybe suggest the those who walk at night see the beginning of a new world and those that worked during the day shall sleep while they see to the start of our new world? Now faith is truly all any one can run to. (Rev. 2:10 - Be faithful unto death. Here you will receive your crown) - this may not be the crown you think.

THE TRUTH IS THIS - when the world is doomed get up and run it. Individually our involvement and synergistic will are creative in the least. Operative word here… CREATIVE. Activeness takes over from there. No matter the action. DO and DONE DID> :_) Happy October and soon a spooky Holiday I wish to you all. MUAH!!!

What did I just read? I was choking on word salad and missed the point.

At least he doesn’t wear socks with them, like a white guy.

Yeah, well, what are you gonna do.

That may not be the noun you intended. But I’m not going to guess.

Oh good, I’ve been waiting for years for that.

IOW, Call the roller of big cigars, the muscular one, and bid him whip in kitchen cups concupiscent curds.

It still makes more sense than Time Cube.



I thought the OP was great in that movie, Holes, but I didn’t much care for him in the Transformer movies.

Obligatory Homer

This will go well.

When fish are in schools, they sometimes take debate.




I was with you until “raconteuse.”

I just need one good reason why World Government™ is working toward utter chaos and world destruction. There people who are secretly running everything tend to like running everything. They would have the most to lose if it all comes crashing down.

Alas, this smells like a one and done OP …

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

I think the OP is saying when the shit hits the fan and the masters destroy themselves through their hubris we should be the change we want to see in the new world. Or…something.

Systems of control aren’t evil, they’re amoral. “World destruction or utter chaos” tends to be bad for business and would be avoided, at least purposefully. These systems do lead to destruction through war, environmental degradation, overpopulation, economic depressions, and so on. But it’s not usually part of the plan.

The OP and other readers may enjoy Meditiations on Moloch. It’s long.

Everything is everything.

“I know many big words and I’m not afraid to use them.”

I’m thinking rant.

Off to the Pit.

So the world’s going to be destroyed by the people who want to run it, and when they do that, we should… run it?

Might want to take another run at your thesis, champ.

Hey, wait a minute, I was told that *nothing *is everything.

Everything is AWESOME!

No, no. This tells you what nothing is.