Newly installed application does not show up on Start Menu 'All Programs' list. How to fix?

I just downloaded a well-reviewed freeware DVD player (UMPlayer). It installed properly – I’ve already used it to play DVDs, so I know – but oddly it did not appear on the list of “All Programs” that you access by clicking on the START button. It may be my fault – I think I checked (or unchecked) some options during the installation process.

Regardless, I want it included on the list. How can I add it to the list?

Thanks all, in advance.

For Win XP
find the file that you run. It should be under program files and in a folder for the software you installed. They usually use the company name for the folder.

right click on the exe file and use send to- desktop create shortcut

double click the shortcut and confirm it runs your software.

open file explorer and get in Documents Settings - your name - start menu - programs

cut/paste the desktop shortcut you created to that programs folder.

Win 7 is similar except you have to copy the shortcut into Users - your name - start menu - programs

In Win7 just find the launch icon for the app and right click on it. You will get the options to pin to task bar or pin to start menu.

That’s not really the same thing, though: it doesn’t get it in the All Programs list. (And Windows XP can do the latter, as well.)

Honestly, if it must absolutely be in your All Programs list, you’re best off just reinstalling the program, and making sure that, this time, you do not uncheck anything about making a Start Menu group.

Of course, if all you want is an icon to start it with, then there’s nothing wrong with any of the other advice in this thread.

In the past I always put the shortcut in All Users. That way any user that logs into the pc has the shortcut setup in their programs menu. Works great in XP.

Win 7 won’t let me access \users\All Users even as full admin. A major PITA for me at work. Anytime we hire a new person, I have to add shortcuts to their profile. All Users made that much easier because you only have to do it once. I battled for a week trying to figure this out in Win 7 last year. Even tried changing the folder permissions on a test machine I setup. Finally had to give up and move on to other work.