Can I sort Start>Programs my way?

In Windows Vista and 7, programs are listed under Start>All Programs in two groups: at the top, the individual program files, and beneath them, the programs that have been placed in folders, both separately alphabetically. As far as I know, I have no choice as to which group the programs are placed in. I find it a (minor) inconvenience having to go through two groups to find a particular program.

Can I decide whether a program is placed in a folder, and can I sort the entire list so that is one alphabetical list?

Google is your friend.

I did try Googling and sadly, I fear it isn’t my friend.

Your first link is all about customizing the *Start *button, not the programs. Your second link, is how to get back the old classic start menu, which isn’t what I want, and the third link addresses a different problem.

So, thank you, but I’m not there yet.

c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

Thank you - I would never have thought of that. Create a folder for the folderless program and cut it into that folder. I presume that is what you were pointing me to?

I just downloaded and installed Vista Start Menu on my W7 installation, and it does exactly what you want via drag-and-drop (and quite a bit more too).

So it does. Many thanks.

For decades Microsoft tried to create a database-center file system to do all sort of whiz-bangery that I don’t think even it understood.

But to date, you still can’t organize the Start Menu without the uninstallers losing track of what’s where.


There was the new file system they were going to use in Vista, and then didn’t.

The method of accessing programs has been the same for a long time. I feel that Microsoft has been refining Windows rather than innovating. That’s what lack of competition does to innovation.

cant tell you how to sort but you might not need to sort. Click on the round start icon and type the name of the program and hit enter. EG: type word and hit enter, word opens. works with all my programs that i have installed