Newman's God's Song : Biblical sources?

Seeing this thread reminded me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask for, oh, days…

Randy Newman’s God’s Song refers to the story of Cain’s murder of Abel (and, possibly, other bible stories, maybe in pastiche).

Is there any biblical verse that correspond to God’s “response” given here?

No exact correspondence that I’m aware of, but if you want an example from the Bible of God sneering at man, check out the speech from the whirlwind in the Book of Job.

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I presume that ‘he asked’ in the lyric refers to Seth - if so, then the question about Israel is a perplexing one, because Israel (Isaac) wasn’t born until much later. (according to the Bible, anyway).

Don’t know about yucca trees or cactus flowers; but in the New Testament, Man is compared favorably with sparrows:

A search of The Bible Gateway on-line Bible, does not turn up either “yucca” or “cactus”.

And what Mangetout said, sounds like Mr. Newman is going for a good lyric, and not Biblical scholarship here.

And seeing as how Yucca trees cactii are not native to the areas where the bible was written…

Gah. I missed an “and.”