NEWS FLASH - Al Gore is officially president by law!

Hey, I’m sorry, occupational hazard (I’m the parent of a teen, PLUS I work with convicts, showing disapproval is an essential job skill for both)

I’ll put my glasses back up my nose and y’all can call Arnold names, now. mmmkay? :smiley:

wring, I think you meant “you can all go back to your fulsome praise of Arnold”.

No need to apologize, fellow members and moderators (that means you, o fearsome UncleBeer). I’m not the kind of person that says “you will behave in such and such a fashion in MY thread”, because the thread doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to all of us here at The Straight Dope, and, like a stream of water in the gulf of the mighty Mississippi, threads have a way of finding their own path through the shoals of the SDMB.

But I didn’t want to accept the accusation that I had started this thread with the intent purpose of provoking another acrimonious discussion.

you meen I didn’t say that??? :eek: :confused:

Oh, yea, ** Arnold** you’re so phattttttttttttttttttttt

Dave Barry for President!

[Bill Clinton]
I did not have sexual relations with that statue.
[/Bill Clinton]


:confused: That sounds painful…

ouch. yep, I meant (and I also DO know how to spell “mean”) … well, you know, it’s better as a visual. I’ve got this “look” I give the guys out at the county jail when they spot me (which means they’ve met me BEFORE… when they weren’t in jail) I pull my glasses down to the end of my nose and look over the top (as if I could actually see anything that way, but I digress). It also worked wonders on my kid who’d immediately confess to whatever he’d done in the prior week…


Yea, yeah Arnold

Oh, Arnold, you’re so incredibly amazingly awesome. Your profound jocularity is a true inspiration to this poor, humble uneducated person of the very :wink: female persuasion.

<Is that better, dear?> :smiley:
::Strains of the MASH theme song run in the background as Father Mulcahy can be heard to say rather loudly “Jocularity! Jocularity! Jocularity!”::
And, AETBOND417, I just have to say:


So why vote for Bush?


FWIW, who was the last politician who never lied to the American people?

I think that we should blame the WWF for this whole damned mess.Imagine getting wrestling fans to vote.:wink:

I think they drive real slow…Or did I just get that from Cheech and Chong?

But, about these two JOKERS. We all should feel embarrassed about voting for one of them. I came close to not voting, running late at work that day. BUT we can all safely assume that neither Bozo will be there more than 4 years. I hope.

This election is starting to look more WWF by the minute…hey, maybe that’s how they should settle it, with a Bush-Gore wrestling match.

I want the beer concession! :slight_smile:

Yeah but who would be the special guest referee???How about Ralph Nader…But maybe thats already being done by the Florida Secy of State.

Yeah! With a Bill Clinton/Kenneth Starr and a Monica Lewinsky/Hillary Clinton undercard!

Jesse Ventura could be the emcee; we could put it on pay-per-view, with the proceeds used to pay down the national debt!

Nah, do it Thunderdome style - “two men enter, one man leaves.”