NEWS FLASH - Al Gore is officially president by law!

Of course, by that I mean that he’s president of the Senate.

Haha! Made you look. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. For non-US citizens out there who may be less familiar with the intricacies of the US political system, I will specify that the vice-president of the USA is also by law the president of the Senate, one of the two chambers of the US congress.

Remember guys, it took a Swiss to explain you the US political system :smiley:

I don’t post that much, but I could not pass this one up with out comment.

Why would the law apply to someone who has demonstrated a total lack of respect for it?

Mr. Bear, are you saying that the law should apply only to people who respect it? That would be a handy excuse for criminals! :smiley:

Lessee, like Bush’s drunk driving? Like Bush taking the state statutes to federal court? Like the Repub FL SOS picking which of two adjacent statues she likes to be the rule of law? Like Bush’s people trying to block a legal and statutory hand-recount? Hmmm…seems to me that Gore’s been working with the law and Bush is trying to circumvent it. But that’s TMI for dittoheads, isn’t it?

You mean like Algore saying “No controlling legal authority.” when he sought to put himself above the law about his funding activities?

Lessee, like Gore’s campaign contribution violations? Like Gore’s admitted marijuana smoking? Like Gore’s use of gov’t materials, equipment and time for fundraising? Misuse of the Whitehouse? Don’t go there, Stofsky.

Besides which, several of the things you’ve mentioned, are in fact, legal. Like challenging state laws, like the FLA Sec State making her determination.

Gore’s the guy who’s vulnerable to criminal prosecution.

Boy that didn’t take long. And I thought this was going to turn into a big lovefest, full of joy and laughter! :confused:

If I recall correctly Bush was arrested and paid his debt as the law required! I think it was Bush’s LAWYERS who filed the suit, leave it to lawyers not to understand the law. Well lets see if I heard the news right there have been two counts of the ballots and Bush won them both, is this the best of 5 on the recounts?
Now I admitted that I am on the otherside of the world right now so some of my facts may be a little off, but I think I have it pretty close.
And Arnold Winkelried I didn’t mean that the law shouldn’t apply what I meant was why HE thought it should since he doesn’t have any respect for it!

Pit! Pit! Pit!

Smoking marijuana? Sheesh. You make that sound like it’s a bad thing. At least he didn’t drive afterwards :rolleyes:

Oh, and they’re BOTH crooks, of course :smiley:

Leave it to the dutch to turn a heinous crime like marijuana smoking into an innocent pastime. String him up I say, and Coldfire too when he sets foot in the US of A! We can’t let those damn furriners undermine our moral fibre.

I wondered.

and TWO moderators involved? This election season has been contentious enough, don’t you think? did you really expect this thead NOT to come to Debate/Pit/Polling material?


wring, I was hoping that the people would read the OP and. impressed by my clever political twist, post something like “That Arnold, he’s so phat!”

Arnold, you are SO phat.

::removing face from Arnold’s butt::

But did you think about the veins that are gonna pop out of Milossarian’s head when he reads the subject line? Sheesh, be careful!

That’s my hubby! You tell’em dear! :smiley: After all, we all know that Bush has already won, just look at the fact that he’s won so many states, at last check 10 more than Gore supposedly did. And, if Gore wants to be that nasty about Florida’s votes, maybe we should just recount ALL the votes across the US, and then see who wins? We are confident that Bush will emerge the victor; if for no other reason than that the American people are tired of mediocrity and lies and half-truths and evasions and…<you get the idea>.

Now, Arnie, you knew exactly what you were starting with that title, so don’t play the innocent here. :stuck_out_tongue:
Love you, honey. Miss you lots. Hurry home soon. <to Mr Bear, for you newbies>

I must point out that there are fewer actual PEOPLE in the states that Bush won. The political leanings of New Yorkers and Californians may not be to your taste, but the fact remains that they are citizens whose opinions count every bit as much as those of the residents of Middle America. Given how the votes split not only for the presidency but also for Congress, I’d say that neither side has a clear edge or a claim to the hearts and minds of “The American People.” If either side thinks they’ve got a lock on the True American Way, maybe they’ve both got it wrong.

We could recount all the votes (I live in New Mexico, and we’re doing just that), but no matter how the recounts come out, someone’s not going to be happy and they’re going to scream “fraud.” At last count Gore was ahead in the popular vote, but given the size of the electorate, the margin for either one is not large. No matter who wins, about half of the American people voted for the OTHER guy. My personal opinion is that we’re in for some mediocrity, etc. this time around regardless of who wins by that thin margin.

I’m not thinking that the world will end no matter which one of these guys gets into office. It would be nice to see both of them display better manners (especially since they’re both nominally southerners), but that’s not gonna happen at this late date. Here’s to 2004 - maybe there are actual statesmen waiting in the wings.

Thank you magdalene! Finally someone calls me phat. I would use that as a sig if I was a siggy kind of person.

purplebear, you mistake my intentions. If I wanted to discuss the election there are numerous threads in Great Debates or The BBQ Pit to do that. It was supposed to be a joke. But I suppose the joke was feeble and most people are too inflamed about the issue to be able to discuss it peacefully. I’ll go back to Great Debates now.

I stand chastised. My most humble dirt-eating apologies to you wring and Arnold. I guess Arnold is phat and I’m merely a fathead. Carry on with the jocularity. I’m headed over to GD with The Winkelried®.

Whoops! Could you take my post on over with you, UncleBeer?

To stay on topic in THIS conference: I agree that Arnold is indeed phat. Sorry for the previous seriousness in this, of all places.

Let us also note Bill Clinton never received 50% of the vote either. For a “mandate” may I suggest 55%/350 electoral? Reagan/Nixon type victories?