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I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but:

I remember reading something on the news of the weird website about some bad blood between Cecil and Chuck. Does anyone know what happened?

I don’t know if this is what you’re referring to, but Cecil and Chuck did have a less than cordial exchange over the purported practice of “gerbil-stuffing.”

Responding to a letter from Jan Brunvand, Cecil wrote that a supposed incidence of gerbil-stuffing reported by Chuck Shepherd was probably bogus. (Shepherd had cited an issue of Surgery, which Cecil checked - there was no reference to gerbils in the article.)

Shepherd responded to Cecil’s column by admitting that he was wrong, and that he had made a “transcribing error.”

Cecil questioned this:

This elicited another response from Chuck, in which he basically called Cecil a smartass.

The original column was this one, I believe.

I couldn’t find any of the ensuing correspondence online, but you can read it in Return of The Straight Dope, p. 402 - 404.

That has to be it. Thanks splatterpunk!

let me get this straight… a surgeon, upon removing a light bulb from someone’s rectum (still intact I’d assume), notes down on the chart not only what wattage the bulb is, but also whether it’s frosted or not?


What can we say? The surgeon was anal-retentive?

lmao, lurkernomore.

I’d say the patient was anal retentive!