News threads getting derailed by gun control debate.

News threads about mass shootings are getting derailed with gun control debates. I’ve seen it happen in every shooting thread since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. You have to get into the thread early to even discuss the tragedy. I saw the Atlanta church shooting thread derailed by page 3. Same thing happened yesterday with the Umpqua Community College shooting. The thread was informative and supportive of the victims for the first few hours and then its right back into the same tired debate on gun control.

I understand that reflects real life. These shootings do reignite the issue. But can’t we reserve threads on these tragedies to discussions about the tragedies? For example more details have come out about the shooter. But its pointless to post them They’ll just get washed away in the gun control debate. It happened last night. They lowered the fatality count from 13 to 10. Really encouraging news and my post just got washed away. The thread was on a new page within the hour.

disclaimer, I did post twice in the ucc thread supporting conceal carry. A mistake that I won’t repeat. I didn’t post abut it again when I saw where the thread was heading. Its not respectful of the people involved in the tragedy. I’ll never allow myself to get drawn into a gun control debate again.

So what’s your question? Two moderators came in and handled the issue.

Can we agree to get news threads about shootings on topic? Keep them focused on the story itself, the aftermath, the investigation etc.

People can start a gun control debate thread elsewhere if they feel the need.

Do we have to wait for the thread to derail and a mod to step in? Its happened in every shooting thread since Sandy Hook.

I’m of the opinion that to discuss the events at all is kind of morbid and sensationalistic

I don’t see it as a big deal. It’s not like you don’t have forty or fifty opportunities a year to discuss multiple shootings. Just wait a few days and you’ll have another one to talk about. The way you go on you’d think they were scarce as hen’s teeth.

I went back and read page 3. I see where the mods stepped in. Good job.

I quit reading after it got derailed last night. It seemed pointless (last night) to even look at page 3.

My concern is people know the train wreck is coming. So they just stop participating. Pretty much shutting down any discussion of the aftermath and investigation.

I’m of the opinion that you don’t have to participate then. And let’s not forget, in the thread in question, a Doper was personally involved in that incident. :rolleyes:

Guidance for the future would be helpful. Should we report a thread like this when the gun control debate starts?

I didn’t last night because I wasn’t sure if it was considered derailing a thread. Gun control is certainly an issue after any shooting. I just feel it belongs in its own debate thread.

I generally don’t.

that’s tragic

aceplace57 I agree. I had an above average interest in the Reporter Shot on TV thread last month but was dismayed to see it veer off the tracks. It definitely prevented me from participating further.

I also agree that this last thread was handled well.

So I suppose the question becomes: Does the commonplace detour into {pick your area of tangential debate} of a given thread warrant Reporting the post and Mod intervention?

Having been so commonplace I wouldn’t normally consider doing so. Should I now consider otherwise?


Fine by me.

Its fine with me too, but it’s hardly surprising threads about a mass shooting almost always veer off into a gun debate.

I’m confused. You helped create the hijack, by your own admission…and then you’re *surprised *by the hijack?

Your winnings, M’sieur Renault…

I made a small mistake and briefly got sucked into the debate in this one thread and owned up to it. Very early, 2 posts on CCW, and stopped long before the train wreck. I regret it and won’t ever get baited like that again.

I wasn’t surprised by the hijack. It’s become a depressingly familiar cycle. Every single time theres a shooting we see people drag out the gun control debate. Ruining the thread for people that are interested in information and discussion about the tragedy.

The board need to address this and decide what to do. We know there will be more tragedies and threads that cover them. Is it that hard to state a policy to bring gun control debates to a separate thread?

You certainly can’t complain about lack of mod attention to that thread. I lost count of the warnings and the double-warnings given. Good gawd people, develop the ability to learn when it’s a good idea to stay the fuck away from a thread until the waters calm down.

That being said, I’m sensing that there was a little too much emotional investment by the mods to a truly tragic situation suffered by a member here. It seemed apparent in some of the items being quoted in the warnings. Locking the thread temporarily was one of the better mod decisions I’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps that should be used more often.

Seeing gun control arguments in a thread about mass shootings is what I would expect.

Banning and suspending longtime members is not how I would expect this to be handled even if they have prior warnings. I would rather see mods split off the offending posts to create a GD or Pit Thread rather than repeatedly tell people to do it themselves.

I think the mods got too heavy handed with this one.

And oddly the only formal warnings went to those on one side of the debate despite others carrying on the derailing. Wish I was surprised at that.

You can only be surprised if you didn’t actually read the posts that received warnings. People on both sides of the question were warned.

Terr and BrainGlutton on the same side of a political argument? It is to laugh.

There really isn’t much more to discuss in these cases exept whether we can stop the next one and how we should go about it. If you want information about the number of dead or details about the shooter, the internet has resorces devoted to reporting the news.

Yeah, there WAS more to discuss. It was a thread started by a Doper who lost friends on that day and the thread was started in MPSIMS, not the Pit and not Great Debates, for crying out loud. That was a thread that begged for support from people and that’s what it should have been about, that’s all. Furthermore, if the mods seemed like they had too much “emotional investment” because of a friend’s involvement then more power to them for being able to recognize a genuine need from someone in this community. Jesus Christ, get a fucking heart, people.