Gun threads galore

Have we reached the point where discussions of firearms and gun control need their own forum?

No. This too shall pass.

Pretty much as JLA says. Until the next big event in which far too many stupid people are unable to discuss things in the 5,000 existing threads and each feel the pressing ego-need to start their own.

No, especially since the threads are so repetitive. There have been a lot of gun-related threads in the last six weeks so because of the Newtown shooting and the gun control debate that has followed, but eventually a bill will either pass or not and these discussions will be overtaken by other news. The next deficit crisis isn’t too far away, for example.

Are you kidding me? An average of 3.84 posts per day is a lot by many standards, but there are a huge number of more prolific posters.

Lumpy, what is it with you and guns? :D:dubious: You seem like you’re obsessed with defending gun ownership.

Would you clone a gun thread?

Shouldn’t this thread be moved to The Shooter’s Lounge?

You could call it The Powder Room.

No, the next big issue is right around the corner and gun control will drop off the radar of the media.

Do we really need a forum full of threads that all end up the same way by page two?

I thought you had this poster in mind.

Or The Gun Lobby. Damn esprit d’escalier.

Better yet, a different website.

Hell, no, it’d get all the poop threads, too.

How about From My Cold Dead Fingers?

No more so than the people obsessed with condemning it. In any event, I thought having a separate forum might actually consolidate some of the umpty threads we have going.

I think it would be better if we had sub-forums within Great Debates. Like have one for “Politics and Government”, and have another one for “Religion”. This way all debates related to Obama, gun laws, and other political discussions will get filtered through the Politics and Government sub-forum, and all the religious debates will get filtered through the Religion sub-forum. The reason for this is that often times I go into GD, not to argue politics or religion, but to participate in some other kind of debate that interests me. I don’t know about anyone else, but politics and religious debates don’t really interest me, and I bet there are a lot of people out there like me who want to participate in debates that are not related to either politics or religion. So adding those sub-forums would help filter out any of the political or religious debates, and I’ve seem quite a few Message Boards do this.

If it helps, I’ve changed my views since joining the Boards. I’d probably never wander into a sub-forum (nor would I ever visit a gun-specific forum except to follow a link), so I would have likely missed a lot of the conversations over the years. I cannot be the only one.

You’re not forced to read or participate in threads that don’t appeal to you. If a particular type of thread doesn’t interest you, scroll past it.

How about Bungalow Bill of Rights?

Gun threads are a basic right. Closing even one violates people’s Second Amendment rights.