Gun threads galore

Plus, if we can’t close all of them, it’s not worth preventing the opening of any.


Heck no. You give the gun nuts their own forum, which then leads to giving them actual guns…it’s a slippery slope!

So if February is rape month, then January is gun month? I think those two should partner up. They’d make lots of interesting offspring.

At the very least, they’d be honorary Tennessee citizens.

Meh. Just shoot it out in each one - it’s entertaining to see American gun culture at its best/worst.

How about a forum called “The Ice Cream Parlor”? Once it becomes clear that a certain topic is the current Flavor of the Month, all the threads get moved there and all further threads on that topic for the next month or so go there.

No, I’m not serious, I just liked the Ice Cream Parlor/Flavor of the Month pun

Dopers do have a right to gun threads, but they should be limited to posting in no more than one thread a day and no more than ten posts in that thread per day. It is also imperative that certain dangerous arguments be banned in order to protect other posters.

We can reduce the danger of gun threads by putting a statutory limit on the number of citations posted from on-line periodicals.

Maybe set a magazine limit of 10. :smiley:

We’d have to add an FAQ so that people would be able to distinguish between that and a blurbs from a clipping service.

And no unregistered users posting. Registered users must undergo a thorough background check. Each post.

And don’t forget a waiting period.

We should make sure a moderator is present at all times while the thread is active, ready to ban any new posters before they do any damage. Perhaps we could pull some mods out of retirement for this.

Thank goodness we have that waiting period when it comes to searching. Can you imagine the horror and chaos there would be if people could search the forum multiple times a minute? There would be flocks of pigs in the sky, firey rain, a pox o’re the land and a banning of the entire board!

Actually, remembering the bad old days when there wasn’t a limit, yeah, that really sucked. The board ran like a dog with two legs.

“The only protection from a new poster with a bannable post is a mod with a ban…”

What the heck, I had some high caliber inflammatory posts written up a second ago but they seem to have disappeared from my screen. What an unfortunate accident.

Ban 'em all, and let Cecil sort them out.:smiley:

Been there, done that. :smiley:

Or at least, Marley has. :wink:

Just try and take my gun threads away.