we ought to have a discussion related to firearms

I mean, come on, just about any thread that relates to guns, shootings, gun control, anything of the sort rapidly devolves into argument, sniping and incivility. It does not appear that this subject matter brooks any restraint. I submit that it should all be consigned by rule to the Pit, because even the most measured discourse teeters on the edge of fire. Even MPSIMS news threads get out of control and are destined to cleanup or relegation.

Why not just save a step?

Are you talking about a dedicated firearms forum?

Only if every thread is headlined with this.


No, I mean guns belong in the Pit, because they always end up there anyway.

Well, maybe not always, but it seems like.

I’ve seen plenty of gun threads start in GD and stay there.

Be the change you wish to see.

  • that kind of works both ways.

It looks like a started this thread in order to get Stranger to post that link. That was awesome.

Awesome indeed! Thanks, Stranger, I needed the laugh.

From the link:


The free ammunition has some nice side effects, too: the campus police never, ever give CS grad students parking tickets. And you just wouldn’t believe how attentive the students are in the courses we TA.

There is no reason why a thread that involves guns can’t stay in the appropriate forum for the OP. If someone can’t help themselves and they behave inappropriately that’s why we get paid the big bucks.

Yeah, I remember getting those “big bucks”.

I always thought it was more like this.