Newt Gingrich pushing hard to to be new RNC Chairman - Inspired choice or insane?

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Gingrich, Steele duel privately for RNC job

Gingrich may be an intellectual firebrand but he’s also got more baggage than Mariah Carey jetting away for a 3 day weekend. I just don’t see it. What do other dopers think?

He’s one of primary architects of their win at any cost policy that’s brought the Republicans to the point they’re at now. They’d be foolish to start up with him again.

I disagree - he brought the Republicans from a Congressional minority to Congressional majority once. It’s not crazy to think he could pull it off again.

I don’t think anyone’s falling for a “contract” again too soon.

My opinion has always been that such people had the right idea for the right time, and that almost none of them have a second right idea for a different time. I rather suspect he would adopt an identical strategy, which is unlikely to work again.

Good choice. Yes, he’d be baggage, but he’s also very smart and would be their best bet for reestablishing themselves as the fiscal-conservative party they need to be to be competitive.
Dems hate the Contract on America on ideological grounds, but the nation benefits from such clarity. The GOP said “if you elect us, here are the 10 things we will do” and then they proceeded to attempt all 10. Would that all elections were so simple and straightforward.

Joy! What wonderful news! Newt Gangrene will lead the Republican Party out of the Wilderness, and straight into the Void! He has a positive genius for offending anyone with a hint of moderation in his nature. What few remaining moderate and sensible Republicans will either rise up in revolt, or bail.

He taught the Dems a sharp lesson in grass-roots organizing, and the Dems have learned that lesson. Thanks, Newt! Now eat fungus and die, you weeping pustule on the rectum of America.

So the man who pretty killed the Reagan Revolution, who impeached a sitting President over a blow job (while leaving his dying wife for another woman) wants to further marginalize the Republican Party?

Right this way, Newt. :smiley:


I seem to recall Biden telling reporters following him around that they were wasting their time…he was not a VP consideration. Of course a few days later he was the VP candidate.

Politicians have been known to say one thing and not mean it.

In short, I’ll believe Newt when someone else is sitting at the head of the RNC.

People usually actively campaign for RNC chair though, sending out letters and phone calls to grass-roots organizations, party organizers and the like. I don’t think its really possible to do it on the down-low.

You only really need to convince one person to be VP, on the other hand, and as often as not they call you as opposed to the other way around.

<sneaking in>He taught me PoliSci at West Georgia College, and I worked with his campaigns.

Yes, I know he lost a lot of points when he left his dying wife, and he knows it as well. As he knows all his other mistakes.

Y’all know I never fare well in here (“farewell”, get it? I do!;)), but knowing the guy’s personality, I have to admire him for his perseverance in the face of all his mistakes, and I would like to think that he has the attitude of: “I have another chance to get it right, let me at least try.”

Yeah, I’m a bleedin’ heart - liberal- commie-bedwetter;), but I’m always willing to give a guy another chance.

That’s kinda the bare-bones version of my opinion, but it’s honestly the way I feel.</sneaking out>


In the face of all his mistakes George Bush perseveres.

There are mistakes and Mistakes. Small “m” mistakes I am willing to give someone another chance on (e.g. my GF burned dinner…I’ll give her another shot). Capital “M” mistakes not so much (e.g. ruined the country).

I don’t think Gingrich’s “baggage” matters. Party chair is a powerful post in some ways but not a high-profile one. Howard Dean has been chair of the DNC for 2005. He proposed the “50-State Strategy” that brought the Dems to power this year. How much have you heard about him since the “Dean Scream”?

The Republican party is quickly becoming a regional party of the South with some strength in the plains and the northern (read few immigrants) Rocky Mountains. Gingrich personified the angry white male, Fox news watching, Rush listening Republican of the 1990s. I don’t see him being able to shape a new Republican party.

That would be taking a step backwards. His time is past.

So who’s the future? Sarah Palin?!

Who? I follow politics very closely and I have never heard of this guy. Which maybe explains the current state of the Republican Party.

God, I hope so. The more like her they run the better this country will be. :slight_smile:

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