Newt's back!

Yesterday seemed to be National Conservative Pricks Slither Out From Under The Rock Day. First you had Santorum’s fulminations, then you had the Kaiser Khan of Konservatism deliver a televised speech to the American Enterprise Institute:

Gingrich Blasts Dept. of State

Gingrich Urges Bush: Don’t Trust Chirac

Gingrich: Clinton Suffers From ‘Victory Envy’

Ah, yes, the Contract on America returns with a slightly revised list of people to hate: Clinton, the French, and unless I’m reading the tea leaves wrong, moderate Republicans in the State Department.

It warms my heart to see Newt Gingrich ooze back in front of the cameras and spew his bile. He’s so vile, so hateful, and so hypocritical that he must be delivering to the Democrats a thousand votes per word.

Welcome back, Newt. You’re still the best at being the worst.

:rolleyes: [sub]At Newt, not Sofa*


He’s a fucking Democratic mole I tell 'ya, a mole! :slight_smile:

Well, she turned me into a Newt!

I got better.

We could build a fridge out of him.

I almost missed 'ol Newt, too. Nice to see he’s still at the top of his form.


What I like about Newt is the way he represents the GOP family-values stance. :smiley:

Mind you, he’s got plenty of company. Including the President’s brother, Neil, who recently filed for divorce so he could marry a younger woman.

Newt hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve seen him bleating and screeching on FOXNews a number of times during the recent conflict. I have no idea what he had to say, 'cause I didn’t stop long enough to listen, but I recognized the hair easily enough.

And maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough, but Clinton hasn’t been constantly criticizing Shrub, has he?

I’m reminded of the tag line for “Halloween 6” (after “Halloween 5” was “The Final Chapter”):

Something this evil can never die.

I think what’s most interesting about this is that Gingrich has been (relatively) quietly sitting on Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board. It looks like Rumsfeld just unchained Mongo, so to speak.

This certainly represents a shot across the bow, if not open warfare, between the State Department and the Department of Defense. Sorta makes one wonder who is really in charge these days, doesn’t it?

:eek: No kiddin’? How long’s he been warming that particular bench?

I guess it’s warm enough for all the reptiles to start movin’ again.

See, if you don’t put a stake through their hearts AND cut their heads off and fill their mouths with garlic, they just come back.

Okay, “missed” is perhaps the wrong word.

It’s more like the feeling I get when a headache comes back.


“The radical right… you remember them, their leader is Newt Gingrich, the other white meat.” - Lea Delaria

Poor Candace. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

As best I can tell, Gingrich was appointed to that board sometime in late 2001. You can see the other members here.

Curiously enough, Gingrich isn’t the only DPB hit-man who has been making the rounds lately. Defense Policy Board Member, former CIA director, and coiner of the phrase “fourth world war” to describe the current state of affairs James Woolsey was the subject of RTFirefly’s musings recently. DPB Chairman Richard “you’re next” Perle just resigned (as Chair, not from the Board) because of a litany of conflicts of interest.

Other Members include or have included former Speaker Tom Foley, California Governor Pete Wilson, former Secretaries of State Schultz and Kissinger…

…And Dan Quayle.

Given the intellectual level of the Shrub, having Quayle on Rummy’s board is kinda redundant.

Any of you guys ever read his sci-fi bloviation, 1945? To die for! Try cracking open a bottle of tequila with about half a dozen friends and reading random paragraphs out loud. You’ll fuckin’ hemmorage, I ain’t kidding. Its even got a couple of sex scenes, and, believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve read one. Erica Jong meets Ann Coulter.

But my affections are fleeting, I’m currently enamored of his successor, Tom DeLay. Whenever the limelight settles on him, my heart soars like an eagle. When it comes to stuffing his wing tips to his tonsils, he even beats ol’ Newt Gangrene.

I bet Bush would let him ride up in front on Air Force One.