Next Star Trek Movie Ideas

I know that this has been done before, but rather than bumping up an old thread, I figured I’d start a new one.

Here’s my idea for the next one:

Star Trek: The Wrath of Montalban
It opens at a Star Trek convention hosting the surviving members of the TOS crew and Ricardo Montalban on the 25th anniversary of the release of ST II: TWoK. During the Q&A session everyone in the audience asking questions is just kissing Shatner’s ass about the movie, telling him that he’s a great actor, etc., etc. When someone finally gets around to asking a question for Montalban, it’s about whether or not that was really his chest we saw in ST II: TWoK. This puts Montalban over the edge. He goes into a tirade about being the better actor and works himself into a froth about how people seem to be more interested in if he was wearing plastic tits than anything else about his career.

He then storms of the stage, promising Khan like vengence against Shatner. The rest of the movie is one great big riff on ST II: TWoK with Montalban and Shatner basically adopting the roles and mannerisms they had in the film. (We can be nice and let Montalban win, this time, though, but we will give Shatner a better death scene than he had in Generations.)

Comments? Or anyone have a better idea for the next Star Trek film (assuming there is one)?

I’ve ALWAYS wanted them to involve the federation a lot more. Not just a story of one ship, but of something on a much larger scale.
Something involving huge space stations. Maybe the building of a new one.
Or a massive invasion to defeat the Borg, or to liberate some area of space from the Borg.

And now that I read your OP my serious idea looks silly.


Not really. Considering the crapfest that the franchise is rapidly becoming, damn near anything would be an improvement.

You have a point. A bored teenager could have come up with a better plot than ‘nemesis’ in a day.

i happened to like nemesis.

Well it has entertainment value (special effects, likeable cast, ok acting) I liked it too.
But the story is pants. It just seems like whoever came up with the story doesn’t really care. Just wants to put the required amount of effort in to make it sell.

Nemesis was mediocre. Not as bad as The Star Trek Movie Which Shall Remain Nameless (it came after IV and before VI.)

On the DVD extra doohikeys for the last season of TNG, one of the writers mentions that an idea that was considered before they came up with All Good Things was an episode where Q goes insane and starts having delusions, which of course manifest themselves in reality (he being a Q and all) and the crew has to save him, and thus, the universe.

That would make a cool movie. Except it should involve the DS9 people. Because DS9 rules.

Let’s face it, we’ve seen every major Trek villain in the movies: Klingons, Borg, Romulans, and even Malcolm McDowell. It’s time we had a Q movie.

I double-dog dare them to make a comedy.

An “Airplane” style one that would have every stupid thing people would like to see.

They sure as heck would make money!

Well, fierfly “stole” a great idea for at least a new trek movie. In every Star Trek series we have seen some humans (mercenaries, space merchants) who weren’t really happy about tat big fraternity called the federation.
Firefly concept would have worked perfectly in the trek universe, imagine if instead of encountering an Aliance ship in the middle of nowhere they run into Picard’s Enterprise, or they pick up some cargo in DS9.
In short a great way to meet again the best loved characters (Chapter one, or the movie, starts with a great cataclysm in Raisa, our heros are incapable of rescuing Wesley Crusher who dies a horrible death)

I want something with DS9.

Sisko comes back, and it seems like he just left last week. (At the finale, he told his wife he would either come back several years later, or yesterday, as time has no meaning in the wormhole.)

Kira, however, still upset at Odo’s leaving, is pissed that Sisko wants to just step back as commander, and thinks he should concentrate on being the Emissary. And when Odo cured all the changelings…he didn’t realize some of the Founders had infiltrated, gotten themselves cured, and were back with the Vorta and the Jem H’dar to get things going again.

Meanwhile, Quark, with no one to check his nefarious deeds with Odo gone, has pretty much taken over the underworld on DS9. Bashir is busy working on new cures for something, and Garak has more secrets to whisper cryptically about.

Then, suddenly, the wormhole opens, and out comes…


Porthos reveals himself to be an omniscient (or, at least partially omniscient*) superbeing who has been leading human evolution in orderto compete with the Greln, a race of crayon shaped giant figs.

The $10 bill is neatly tucked into his bejewelled collar.

The image flickers on the movie screen, and a high pitched voice comes on the sound system, saying, "Humans! This is Queequegg. Submit to us or…

  • it’s funny! Partially omniscient?! Get it?! Get it?!

I want the Enterprise to get sucked into a wormhole and extruded out at the edge of reality, where it encounters Great A’tuin the space turtle, along with Rincewind, Carrot, and Granny Weatherwax. Now that could be worth seeing.

Picard meets Vimes!
Data meets a Golem!

I’d love to see a comedy Trek movie! Get Leslie Nielsen to be the admiral who gives Picard his orders, just to make sure that we set the proper mood :slight_smile:

The landing party would get beamed down onto the surface of a lake, and fall in as soon at they finished materializing; we’d see Riker replicate a condom before his dinner date with Troi; Data’s system would crash, and Geordi would have to plug in a keyboard and do a Ctrl-Alt-Del to get him working again; the possiblilites are endless!

Star Trek: The Anime Motion Picture.

There’s lots o’ Trekkies in the Land Of the Rising Sun, and there are plenty of fan publications there.
Animation gives us the possiblity of doing things that even CGI would be hard-pressed to do.

The Original Series could be shown again, with a talented voice actor standing in for the lost & beloved DeForrest Kelly.

A Star Wars/Trek crossover that results in one side winning and the writers incurring the wrath of fanboys/gals everywhere due to the wrong side winning, plot holes, continuity mistakes or simple technical impossibilities as detailed in…

It would be interesting to see a Star Trek movie NOT from the PoV of someone in the Federation. How much farther can they go with them anyway? They beat the Borg Queen after all, that’s kind of the pinnacle of badassness.

If I wanted to do a ST movie, knowing I could do it right, I’d do one based off of the game Klingon Academy, which occurs before the events of The Undiscovered Country. Have a Klingon cadet go through training, follow the majority of the plot in the game, and end it the way the game ended. How can you beat that? You get to see an indepth view of the Klingon side of things, as well as finding out more about General Chang and the Chancelor.

And as an added bonus to the outcoming DVD, I’d put in the language section the ability to change the speach to Klingon. I bet hard core trekkies would shit themselves over that.
Assuming I couldn’t do this, I’d have a hardline faction of Klingons create a modified Genesis device to destroy earth and thus the federation (a scenario in Klingon Academy)



The need to let the franchise rest until Paramount is smart enough to take Berman out of the picture. The man has turned the Trek universe into a patetic excuse to keep pumping the fanbase for money by offering nothing but mediocre to borderline intelligence insulting claptrap. Really, the last few films have been let downs, the characters seem washed out and tired, the new series is languishing in deservedly poor ratings and the public at large is much more interested in the newer, much more appealing film franchises of LOTR, Matrix, various comic book adaptations, etc.

It’s high time for Paramount to take an extreme back step, look at the Trek situation they have on their hands and make some major, ground breaking decisions. Oh, and again, fire Berman and put his ego-inflated ass on the unemployment line.

But then again, your mileage may vary.


TNG and DS9 already gave us 5000 Worf Episodes wherein cheesy actors in plastic head makeup get drunk and fight each other.