Nexus 7--16 or 32GB?

I’m taking the tablet plunge and am going to buy a Nexus. I am going to the UK this summer and want a tablet because it will entertain me. Once I’m home, its main function will be an e-reader.

I am not tech savvy and not a gadget freak. Do I want the 16 or 32GB? My friend’s husband (who is tech savvy and a gadget freak) says get the 32. My nephew (who is tech savvy and a gadget freak) says the 16 will be sufficient. What say the Dope?

If you can afford it get the 32GB. You’ll never regret having more space than you need, but may regret not having enough.

32 32 32 32 32.

When I upgraded from an iPhone 2g to an iPhone 4, I had a choice to go from 8gb to 16 or 32gb. I went with 16, since it was just a phone, not a tablet or anything.

… Yeah. I’m past due for a new phone and I cannot WAIT to get at least 32gb. Every couple of weeks, I have to go through and delete shit to free up space. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE.

I have to say 32. I used to have a 16 GB iPad 3 and returned it for a 64 because I found that the space was being taken up quickly. If you are a light user who only intends to put a couple GB of music, about 40 games, maybe a movie or two, 16 should be fine. However, if you want freedom in your space and want the comfort of knowing you can do more if you want to, go with 32. You can always try out a 16 and use it for a few days like you normally do and then make a judgment based on how much space you take up.

I recommend 32 though, but that is just me.

If you want to put a bunch of music or photos or some movies on it, get the 32GB. Otherwise the 16GB should be fine for apps and games, most are only a few megabytes. If each game or app was 2 megabytes you could fit 8,000 apps in 16GB. Textual data like e-mail is tiny, unless you have a lot of attachments.