NFC vs AFC Player of the Week Awards

The NFL announced the PotW awards for Week 1 and there were some doozies. I thought it might deserve it’s own thread and maybe a little debate over which performance was the most impressive.

Brady, Suggs, Janikowski named AFC players of the week

Rodgers, Urlacher, Ginn take home Week One NFC awards

So, in the group we had a player tie the NFL kicking record, a player return both a punt and a kickoff for TDs in the span of a minute to finish a 4th quarter, only the 12th time ever someone did both in 1 game, a QB throwing for the 5th most yards ever in a NFL game on MNF, a QB who beat him with a 132.1 passer rating and a crazy 77% completion rate in the primetime opener and a defensive player with a highlight reel INT, a fumble returned for a TD slightly overshadowing a defender with 3 sacks, 2 of which were strip-sacks leading to turnovers.

That’s god-damned insane. And of those events, 3 were in 3 different primetime games and 2 of the other 3 were in probably the 2 highest profile Sunday day games. There wasn’t a single gimme among them.

Which award were you most impressed by? If you had to pick NFL awards which would you choose for each? Brady v. Rodgers, Urlacher v. Suggs, Ginn v. Sea Bass? (See poll)

I’m least impressed by Janikowski’s kick. 63 yards in Denver ain’t like 63 yards in New Orleans–plus, Dempsey did it with only half a foot.

I give the nod to Brady over Rodgers, because…well, shit…he passed for 517 yards. Rodgers looked great, I’m not knocking him…but Brady’s numbers are just incredible.

It’s likely because Rodgers did it against a tougher team. A passer rating of 132 is insane.

Brady, Urlacher, and Ginn.