NFL Week 3

No NFL Week 3 thread yet? Or am I missing it?

So anyway, the Patriots’ regular season winning streak comes to an end, once again at the hands of the Dolphins. The Dolphins break their losing streak.

The Patriots’ defense seemed completely unable to deal with or adjust to the Ronnie Brown show. That guy just played the game of his life. Next game after the bye, I think they should just put Chad on the sideline and run direct snaps for every play.

Matt Cassel just fell apart after being robbed of his run into the endzone in the first quarter, throwing an interception on the very next play. (After breaking free of a would-be sack, the play was blown dead. I guess only Eli Manning gets a half-hour to pull free of defenders.)

Nevertheless, just like Cassel didn’t win the game last week, he didn’t lose the game this week. He was helped both times by the rest of the team.

P.S. Kudos to the Bengals for a close game and sending their game against the Giants into overtime, but I still can’t figure out why they wasted so much time in the second-to-last play of regulation. Even with 4 seconds left in regulation, I think they should have gone for the win instead of risking the OT.

The Panthers blew a great opportunity this week. Granted, despite being 0-2, the Vikings were no pushover, but you’d think the Panthers could have gotten to Frerotte a few more times. He was passing at will in the 2nd half. Gotta give them credit, their line play was very strong on both sides of the ball.

Saw my first Falcons game at the Dome in 3 or 4 years. They won 38-14; I had a great time. My other team… the Dolphins - won!!! It was a good Sunday. :smiley:

Some observations:

  1. The Packers just got flat out beat. Credit where credit is due, those Cowboys are the best team in the NFL right now. And their O Line is simply incredible.

  2. I was THRILLED to see Miami just kick the shit out of the Patriots. God that was fun. I hope Bellicheck sees Ronnie Brown in his nightmares.

  3. The Lions, the Chiefs, and the Rams look simply awful. I feel really bad for Calvin Johnson, Larry Johnson, and Stephen Jackson, three amazing players stuck on goddawful teams. If anyone ever says that having a great O Line isn’t important, you know that person knows shit about football.

  4. Whats up with Peyton Manning and the Colts. I know the O Line is not doing nearly as well as they could, but good lord they’re not looking like themselves. I think this season we see if Manning is the best QB ever. If he can recover his form and get his head on straight this year, I’ll be duly impressed.

  5. Hahahahaha. I think the Bears just picked of Brian Griese AGAIN. AND THEY STILL LOST!!! Ahhhhhh, those Bears…

  6. Gus Frerotte = Franchise Savior? Scary thought…

  7. GO PACK GO!

I really like Nick Goings, but he really messed up letting Winfield simply crush Delhomme, get the ball, and score a touchdown. In a game with few big plays, one little mistake like that can make all the difference.

My Bills are playing best with their backs against the wall. I don’t think they’ve ever really fired on all cylinders at once–if they can manage it, it might be a scary thing.

:Grumble: The Raiders had that game in the bag. You would think that after 20 something years as a Raiders fan I would get used to that sort of dissapointment, but nope it’s just as heartbreaking every single time. The entire 4th quarter I just kept saying to myself, “All we need is ONE defensive play. Just one good play and the game is over.” And what did we do? We let the Bills march down the field twice in 8 minutes.

Freakin Raiders.

On the plus side, I can see this team turning into a really great team by this time next year. Michael Bush is starting to pull things together as a RB. When MacFadden isn’t hurt he is freakin amazing. Hall runs like nobodys business, and Russel is looking like he will turn into a great QB. We just need some wide recievers so we aren’t playing 100% on the ground, and a little consistency in the coaching staff.

If Kiffin doen’t lose his job over this loss we might be back in the game next season.

The Cardinals beat themselves in the game against the Redskins. The Cards have been making stupid penalties for two years now. Lots of people questioning Whiz’s decision to punt late in the 4th quarter rather than go for it. I would have gone for it. The defense was really off today and for a while the secondary seemed completely lost.

However, most Cards fans probably had this game as a loss going into the season. Washington is a tough place to play in. Next up the Jets. If we win that one, I’ll take 3-1 with three out of the first 4 on the road.

Of course, after that we have Buffalo and Dallas at home.

After a pretty tight first half, the Ravens pulled away from the Browns in the third quarter, thanks mainly to the Baltimore defense, and to Cleveland’s inability to hang on to the ball. The Ravens got the ball three times in the third quarter, and all three possessions began within 35 yards of the Cleveland goal line. If you give them that sort of field position, even a crappy offense like Baltimore is going to score the occasional touchdown.

Oh, and i have Ronnie Brown on my Fantasy Football team. He gave me more than twice as many points as my QB this week.

If he loses his job it won’t be because of this game, but because Al Davis is a fuckwit.

What, are you serious? Even if Kiffin does return (and for the record, I think he’s doing an outstanding job, given the circumstances) you’ll still have Al Davis around to fuck things up.

The Raiders will not have a .500 (or better) season until Al is no longer in control of the team.

We’ve done it before in spite of Al. My feeling was that if Kiffin kept winning he wouldn’t get fired even though Al really wants to fire him. But now that they are 1-2 he can fire Kiffin with impunity (in his crazy Al Davis head) I read online today that Davis has already told Kiffin he is out of a job and it’s just a matter of when, so if that online sports collumn was right it’s a moot point. is reporting that Kiffin will be fired as early as today. Seems almost certain that he won’t survive the week, my guess is that the only thing saving his job for the moment is the lack of a willing replacement.

Al wasn’t always like this. Sure, he’s always loved shell suits and having an itchy coach-firing trigger finger, but there was a time when he was a pretty good GM.

Now, of course, the game has passed him by.

I picked the Bucs to lose, and they probably should have, but that was one hell of a catch that Barrett Ruud made on his interception in the endzone. Anyone else see that?

Yeah. Total “holy shit how’d he do that?” moment, especially considering that Ruud has really bad hands. He’s a great Tampa 2 linebacker in the sense that he can run downfield to cover deep zones really well, and tackles superbly, but he is to “Whoops! Butterfingers!” as LenDale White is to “three yards and a cloud of dust”.

It really solidified how terrible the Bears coaching staff is. Between this and last weeks collapses it’s clear that Lovie and his people, especially his defensive coaches, are fantastically bad at making in-game adjustments. How many easy quick slant passes did the bum Griese effortlessly complete for first downs. It’s not like the WRs made great moves either, our DB was playing 8 yards off when it was 3rd and 4. Embarrassing.

Also, the Bucs got a huge break on that personal foul against Tillman. Sure, Tillman is a monumental idiot for running in like that (I’m pretty sure a D-Lineman can survive a few punches to his helmeted head without the help of a 175 lb. DB) but that was a pretty egregious no-call by the Umpire and Referee for the Bucs.

Nickelback Kevin Payne needs to be benched, and/or publicly demeaned, for his Pop Warneresque tackling abilities. I’ve never seen a professional player miss so many tackles in 3 games, he constantly lowers his shoulder and bounces off RBs and is easily shed when he “wraps up” WRs. Perhaps the fact that Lovie refuses to allow tackling in practice could be to blame for his apparent inability to see this, I wonder if Lovie has the balls to even criticize a player for such poor play during the film session on Monday.

Lovie (or perhaps Turner, not sure who has the final say here) is driving me insane in his refusal to run the ball with Forte in short yardage situations. In the last 2 weeks, when the Bears were desperate for conversions on 3rd and short at the end of the game, the offense has thrown a WR-screen, a quick misdirection to FB Aaron McKie and a QB draw (when a dive would have probably worked) all of which failed. Matt Forte has been simply unstoppable all season and runs with great drive and effort, he hits holes with speed and always falls forward, yet the Coaching staff tends to forget about him late in games when he’s the most valuable. On a 3rd and 2 he’d be practically a gimme off-tackle. This is inexcusable, the days of Cedric Benson are over, why are they using the same play calling as if he were still in the backfield.

The Bears are still a talented football team and the offense is exceeding the admittedly low expectations. Orton has been consistent and is developing a report with Brandon Lloyd, Forte and Kevin Jones are very productive and the Offensive Line has been doing a good job run blocking and adequate in pass protection. I lay the bulk of these last two losses at the feet of the coaches. Both the offensive and defensive play calling has been cowardly and limp.

And the schedule gets a bit easier for a while…

WAS (4-0)
CIN (5-0)
@ ARZ (6-0)
@ STL (7-0)
TB (8-0)
@ NYG (???)


SEA (T-giving)

13-3 appears to be quite doable again.

You can schedule one of those three losses to the Cardinals. You’re coming to our house and leaving with a LOSS. See the 2007 Steelers for an example.

Dennis Green is sitting by the phone.