NFC West 2009

Everybody else is doing it…

The San Francisco 49ers, currently at 2-0 and both wins coming within the division, are going to win the NFC West. This will end both their losing-seasons streak and playoff drought. They finish 10-6. They go deep into the playoffs before losing to either the Saints or Falcons.

The Arizona Cardinals will be hot on their heels, but ultimately fail to make the playoffs at 9-7. Darnell Dockett will lead the NFC in sacks, and the Cards will trade up to draft a QB.

The Seattle Seahawks are already having injury problems like last year, and this will contribute to another losing season, 6-10. The upside is this will get them another high draft selection.

The poor St. Louis Rams will be marked down as a probable win for all their opponents. Although they eke out a few wins, even upsetting a playoff team late in the season, they still only go 3-13.

I further predict this very thread will basically consist of dalej42 and myself talking trash all by ourselves.

As a Rams fan I can’t really come up with any argument that they’ll go anywhere better than 3-13.

But just for the hell of it, let’s say the Rams will rocket to 5-11 and a win against the 49ers will let Arizona sneak into the playoffs.

Trade up to draft a quarterback before giving Leinart half a season to prove himself? Doubtful.

The Rams are a sad, sad story. From the greatest show on turf to chewing turf.

Leinart is part of the trade! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Leinart’s traded to the… uh…


…along with a 2011 first-rounder and a 2010 fourth-rounder. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what’ll happen!

(But the pick will be Tim Tebow, and all hell will break loose.)

Tebow is going to the Jaguars. It is foreordained.

I have no idea whether he’s going to be any good at the next level or not.

Cool. Another division thread. I like Singletary and am beginning to think it’s just too bad that Dallas went with Wade Phillips over Singletary. I am a Dallas fan who never really like the 9ers until now. I’d like to see them take the division.

I mentioned this in the Week 2 thread, but it’s worth mentioning again: Kurt Warner set an NFL record for single-game completion percentage yesterday with 92% (minimum 20 attempts). On the road, against a team with one very good cornerback.

Peter King noted that one of the incompletions was a sight read error where Anquan Boldin had an option route and Warner thought he’d go the other way, and the other was a deliberate throwaway. I have to take his word for it since the game (weirdly, since this is a Jacksonville market) wasn’t on here.

I’m a 49ers fan, but I think 10-6 may be a little optimistic. I like Singletary. Sometimes I wonder about individual playcalls (both wildcat calls), but he had the team buying what he’s selling. He’s not good enough to get what he has the the Super Bowl, but he earned the job with how the team finished out last year and it looks like the improvement will continue. Finally, Crabtree is an idiot not to sign. Clearly the 49ers are comfortable without him. 9-7

I think the Cards will be nipping at the 49ers heels all season. If the 49ers slip even once, the Cardinals will be there to take the NFC West from them. 9-7, possible wildcard, but they lose the division on the head-to-head tiebreaker

The Seachickens are already battered, and they didn’t have a great lineup to start with. Wallace showed no signs of last year’s quality in yesterday’s game. 5-11

Rams. Remember when these guys were the most entertaining team in the NFL? Not anymore. 3-9

Steve Young put it pretty well on MNF Countdown- the 49ers are pretenders, but in the NFC West they’re contenders.

I too think the Rams will just quit midway through the season.:wink:

My theory is that Chip’s kids are pulling a “Major League” so that they can move back to LA now that Georgia and her St. Louis connection are gone. No way they could put together a team this bad accidentally. :smiley:

Although, to be fair the defense is better than it looks, but is being left on the field waaaay too long to hold up for 4 quarters. The passing game needs some serious help and any drive they have put together gets killed by stupid penalties. If Spags can get the offense under control they may squeak out 5-11.

With Hasselbeck injured and the Cards struggling it is definately the 49er’s division to lose.

On the other hand, Laurent Robinson looks like an absolute steal- he was a throw in during a draft-day trade (basically, the Rams got Robinson and the Falcons got to move up a few spot in the fifth and sixth rounds) and he’s already turned into their #1 receiver.

Who thinks the Jets tampered?

I have not seen much about the Jets incidents, but what I have seen does not look good for them.

I blame it on having Belicheck as thier coach for one day. Tainted the whole organization forever. :smiley:

I’m sure they tampered, but the 9ers will never be able to prove it. Phone records? So what? Crabtree’s agent has lots of clients, including the Jets’ own Dustin Keller.

It didn’t seem to take all that much for the 49ers to get hit with a tampering punishment. However, the team they “victimized” ('da Bears) only gained a few spots in the fifth round.

Dear Og did Kurt Warner look frustrated and abused, or what?

As hard to take as the 49ers loss was this week, the entire rest of the division lost, too.

That was weird. Boldin was killing the Colts in the first half, and in the second half Warner seemed to forget he was there.

OMG, Vobora you were Mr. Irrelevent; you earned a starting LB spot and you get busted for performance enhancing drugs?!? Guess we know how you got the spot.

Jesus, the march to the next 0-16 team contines in STL.

I feel really, really bad for Stephen Jackson. I always have a soft spot for any Oregon or Oregon State players, and he’s damn good, too. When is his contract up so he can get the hell out of there?

In 49erland, Frank Gore is out until after the bye week, and they’re still not going to bring Kory Sheets up from the practice squad?