Nfl - 2018/2019

Howdy, all you fancy NFL Dopers. What’s your prediction? How’s your team? What do you expect or not expect??

Bleedin’ Eagle Fan here. Can’t wait for Thursday’s game. We get a banner, hope we can win it too. Like many an Eagle fan, we only dis our own team more than others (maybe refs, but that’s mostly Packer fans. :D)
My prediction: Eagles/Falcons opener - Eagles toss or cough up 3 turnovers, we all yell for Perderson to get fired, scream for Went and Foles to be traded and everything back to normal. :smiley: (No, not really.)

Other silly predictions:

Eagles: Jordan Mailata (the HUMONGOUS Aussie on OT) will also be the punt/kickoff returner. Why not? Well, he runs through people. At his size, who wouldn’t? I’m guessing he’ll be a fullback or something at times.
Browns: Start the season at 7-0. (No, not 0-7).

Brady: Announces retirement for end of season.

Kahili: Has best season ever at Bears.

Cam Newton: Actually calms down and stops wearing the bow ties.

LA Rams: Go to NFC Conference Final

SF 49ers: Go to Playoffs, Garappolo top QB in NFL.

Andy Reid : Retires at end of year.

Raiders & Gruden: Go to AFC Conference final.

NFC North: (almost typed NFC Central, I’m old, okay?): Up for grabs. Is Kirk Cousins up with the new team? Is Rodgers up after injury without Jordy Nelson? Can Matt Stafford continue to score a lot of points and actually NOT lose? Not to forget Bears, who’s QB, Trubisky) is looking better with a healthy team, not to mention Kahili on Defense, This division is a toss up.

Eagles Jordan Mailata: We got our ginormous Aussie who is shown running through people in rugby season after season. He might be OK at starting it but he has to prove he won’t fall from a tree.

All I got for now. Anyone else with dopey Dopers predictions like mine? Seriously, who do think will win SB LIII?