Put your 2005 NFL Predictions here

I didn’t see a thread on this … I hope IMHO is the place for it

Here are my predictions:

AFC East Patriots

AFC North Ravens

AFC South Colts

AFC West Chiefs

AFC WildCard Jets
AFC WildCard Titans

NFC East Eagles

NFC North Vikings

NFC South Falcons

NFC West Rams

NFC Wildcard Panthers
NFC WildCard Redskins (betting w. my heart)

AFC Champ Patriots

NFC Champ Falcons

SB Champ Patriots

AFC East Patriots

AFC North Steelers

AFC South Colts

AFC West Chargers

AFC WildCard Jets
AFC WildCard Ravens

NFC East Eagles

NFC North Vikings

NFC South Falcons

NFC West Seahawks

NFC Wildcard Panthers
NFC WildCard Cowboys

AFC Champ Colts

NFC Champ Falcons

SB Champ Colts

You guys are my new best friends.

AFC East Patriots
AFC North Steelers
AFC South Colts
AFC West Chiefs hardest div to pick

AFC WildCardBengals, Jags
**NFC East ** Eagles
NFC North Vikings
NFC South Panthers
NFC West Rams

NFC Wildcard Cardinals, Cowboys

SB Colts over Vikings
MVP: Culpepper
COY: Denny Green
ROY: Cadillac
Comeback: Warner

Fired: Capers, Shanahan, Holmgren, at least one NY coach; Gibbs resigns, Parcells does not.
TO will not go crazy until after the NFC title loss
The Bills and the Lions will be the hot new teams by end of season
Ron Dayne will start at least 2 games
The Raiders will be an 8-8 bust
Adrian McPherson and Charlie Frye will be starters by the end of the season
Packers fans will quietly start hoping Favre retires; he doesn’t
Mike Vick will be exciting but mediocre.

The Vikings will let me down in the end.

49ers are going to take it all.

I can dream, can’t I?

AFC East Patriots

AFC North Steelers

AFC South Colts

AFC West Chargers

AFC WildCard Oakland, Titans
NFC East Eagles (but if TO continues to repeat his SF performance Giants)

NFC North Vikings

NFC South Tampa Bay

NFC West coin flip*

NFC Wildcard Panthers, Giants
*Arizona hasn’t looked good with Warner during preseason; Seattle’s offense is one dimensional because you can’t count on receivers to hold on to the ball; Rams are kind of ok but the receiving corp ain’t what it was; The Niners were so g-d awul last year they might be that sleeper who emerges every year. in anycase they couldn’t get any worse.

It sounds like you’ve been a Viking fan as long as I have.

Good game last night! I could do without the pre-game concerts (Did the Stones play a new song???) but overall an entertaing kick off to the season.
Happy Football, everyone.

East: Pats
North: Steelers
South: Colts
West Chiefs
Wild Cards: Jets, Chargers

East: Eagles
North: Minnesota
South: Atlanta
West: Seattle
Wild Cards: Panthers, Rams

AFC Champ: Jets
NFC Champ: Panthers

SB champ: (I will not predict the Jets to win the Super Bowl) Panthers.

Random predictions.
Joe Gibbs quits at the end of the season.
The Bengals won’t have any games where they’re pushovers.
Demarcus Ware (Dallas) will make folks shudder with fear.
The Saints will, sadly, be shopped to LA.
Kyle Boller will fail in Baltimore, costing them a shot at the playoffs.
Ricky Willimas, before the season is done, will surprise us with good play & good behavior.
See, football gods…I picked the Panthers…don’t strike me or my Jets down. Please??

East: Patriots, 12-4 (Jets or Bills would probably win 4-5 of the other 7 divisions)
North: Ravens, 10-6 (Steelers drop to about 9-7 as other teams realize that they aren’t that good)
South: Colts, 12-4 (easier schedule than the Pats, a conveniently placed bye week before the NE game… and I still don’t think they get home field)
West: Chargers, 9-7 (Best of a very mediocre division)
Wild Cards: Jets, 10-6, Jaguars, 9-7

East: Eagles, 11-5 (AFC and NFC west for interdivisional games… I’m not sure they’re that good a team this year, but easy schedule much?)
North: Packers, 9-7 (Vikings will find a way to blow it again)
South: Carolina, 10-6 (of 8 interdivisional games, the 4 most difficult are all at home - NE, NYJ, GB, MIN. Ditto ATL. The Saints and Bucs have all four of those games on the road. Just an interesting schedule nugget.)
West: Rams, 9-7 (See AFC West. Poor West Coast football fans)
Wild Cards: Cowboys, 10-6, Falcons, 9-7

As a side note, the AFC will dominate interconference play for the second year in a row.

(3) Ravens d. (6) Jaguars
(5) Jets d. (4) Chargers

(6) Falcons d. (3) Rams
(5) Cowboys d. (4) Packers

(1) Patriots d. (5) Jets
(3) Ravens d. (2) Colts

(6) Falcons d. (1) Eagles
(2) Panthers d. (5) Cowboys

(1) Patriots d. (3) Ravens
(2) Panthers d. (6) Falcons

Super Bowl XL
Patriots d. Panthers

East: Jets
North: Ravens
South: Colts
West: Chargers
Wild Cards: Pats, Chiefs

East: Eagles
North: Minnesota
South: Carolina
West: Seattle
Wild Cards: Atlanta, Rams

AFC Champ: Colts
NFC Champ: Eagles

SB champ: Eagles… at long last

Random predictions:

  1. The Bears will have a better record than the Packers.
  2. Peyton Manning will miss more games than his brother Eli.
  3. The conference championship games will both feature matchups between teams from the same division.
  4. Ricky Williams will have more total yards than Julius Jones.

Curious, what makes you think we’re T.O.-dependent? The Birds’ cumulative record without him over the past 4 years would still be the 1st or 2nd in the league, even if you include the 2 meaningless games last year where Reid pulled all of the starters.

I was getting kind of worried there, nobody else seems to think the Eagles can beat the Falcons!

I can guarantee the following: The Falcons, during their upcoming Monday Night game vs. Philly, will lose a key player to a season-ending injury and/or get completely blown out and embarrassed on National Television.

I’m a lifelong Falcons fan, and I know that nothing ever goes well for the Birds when they play on Monday night. I’ll be living in dread in all weekend.

[Pathetic Cowboys Fan]
God bless you, Bearflag70, furt, Kiros.
[/Pathetic Cowboys Fan]

I’ll make my one prediction:

The Cardinals will win the NFC. Be nice to at least see them get to the postseason.

It is nice to know that the majority of the dopers are on dope, predicting a Falcons, Giants, Vikings, or Panthers NFC Championship.

The Eagles own the Falcons and will surely take the NFC. Unfortunately, Corey Simon takes the Colts to the big dance and gets the win, making the Eagles the new Buffalo Bills.

I don’t think Philly is TO dependent. I think relying on him now after his antics during the off season off season is a huge mistake. In fact I thought Philly picking him up in the first place was a mistake.

My only prediction is: Redskins will go 7-9, give or take a win.