NFL 2020: Week 8

I’m sure there were plenty of stinkers during the heyday of Monday Night Football, but that game was awful and I expect the same with NE v NYJ next week.

Well, the trade deadline has passed. Not a whole lot of action, though. 49ers swap linebackers with the Saints. Steelers get a linebacker from the Jets (lucky guy, Avery Williamson, going from the Jets to a contender). Vikings trade Yannick Ngakoue, who they got for a 2nd round and a 5th rounder, to the Ravens for a 3rd rounder and a 5th rounder. So they rented him for half a year for one round down in the draft. Carlos Dunlap goes the Seahawks from the Bengals. And the Patriots get another WR for their shitty WR corp, trading a 7th rounder for Isiah Ford.

Pretty weak sauce, for a trade deadline. But such is life. Besides, there’s nothing else going on today, is there?

When was the last big trade in the NFL during the season? Trent Richardson?

Washington couldn’t move Haskins, I wonder if they’ll eventually relent and move Haskins back to the #2 slot. I can’t imagine they really want Alex Smith out there again.

Another coach/GM combo was Bill O’Brien of the Texans, but he got fired in the middle of this season. He made some jaw-droppingly awful personnel decisions, especially the last couple of years. Like trading Clowney away for next to nothing and even paying half his salary, or trading away their best receiver in Hopkins and leaving poor Watson with little to throw to. There’s a reason most teams have different people do those jobs; coaches need to stick to what they do best.