NFL Coaching Replacements pool 2008

We’ve already got a thread discussing which coaches will be fired, and I think we can safely say at this point that Linehan will be out in St. Louis and Kiffin will be out in Oakland. To make the game a bit more fun, we’ll include the “maybe” firings too: Crennel, Nolan, Edwards, Lewis and Marinelli.

My picks:

St. Louis: When you need a franchise rebuilt to make the playoffs, you call Marty Schottenheimer (or Bill Parcells). (If you need a solid team to start winning playoff games, you call anyone but Marty).

Cleveland: No defense, lots of talent on offense? Sounds like a job for Jim Haslett- who will no doubt continue that trend.

Oakland: I have to feel like Al Davis will eventually recognise how bad he is at running this team. He’ll pick one of the college guys and give him full control. Pete Carroll will tell him to stick his job offer up his ass. That means Kirk Ferentz finally accepts an NFL job (especially now that the Iowa program is in a down cycle).

San Francisco: I think Nolan gets to keep his job for another year. If he doesn’t, I think Mike Martz will step back up to the HC spot.

Detroit: The Tampa North experiment has failed. The defense is horrible, though the offense is at least mediocre. Steve Spagnuolo sounds like the guy here.

Cincinnati: No idea on this one, but every year somebody on the Dungy/Kiffin coaching tree gets a head coaching job. This year, it’ll be Casey Bradley, Bucs’ linebackers’ coach.

Kansas City: Carl Peterson did a dumb, dumb thing passing over Al Saunders for Herm Edwards, although I’ve never liked either guy much. In 2009, he’ll rectify that mistake (although the talking heads all say Peterson loves Edwards and is happy to let him run the franchise into the ground, Marinelli-style).

The Lions have changed coaches so often ,they never develop any continuity or a team personality. i do not know who or what they are. Should they pass more. run more. ? Should they be working in tight end to move with shallow passes?
Will a new coach help. ? I do not have a clue.

Oakland will probably pick Dennis Green. Green was ineffective with the Cardinals, but those Viking years are hard to forget.

Green has no interest (at least not last yer) So I don’t think Al will go after green. Al will hire from within the Raider’s organization (Lofton most likely IMO)

I don’t see Marvin Lewis getting the can. He’d likely resign first anyway. Mike Brown is pretty loyal to his coaches. Marvin Lewis ranks third on the win/loss percentages of the nine coaches the Bengals have had (.525), beating out the likes of Sam Wyche and Paul Brown.