NFL fans: When did your team get eliminated? Or are they still in?

49er fan here. Still alive. They play St. Louis tonight. I predict they will rest the first string players since winning or losing this game makes no difference in home field advantage.

Thanks Jets for giving Favre and the Pack that awfully sweet ass-kicking yesterday. Ahhhh, belated Christmas present.

Yeah, but they lost to the stinking TEXANS, fer crying out loud. Our Giants didn’t deserve to be there at all.

So, I guess my team was eliminated… next week.

When Cleveland won. And then when we lost to the Stillers :frowning:

Another grateful Jets fan here.

Thanks Pats!

I’m a Steelers fan, but I was very happy to see the Jets spank the Pack yesterday.

Maybe now John Madden will shut the hell up already about how incredible Brett Favre is. :rolleyes:

When Cleveland won, when New England won, and when the Jets won.

But at least the Broncos won their final game, and San Diego isn’t going. So that’s something.

The Atlanta Falcons, despite there very shaky performance against the Browns, are still in it. Go Vick (the next ex-Va. Tech Hokie future Hall of Famer (after Bruce Smith, of course))!!!

After the KC Cheifs loss Saturday, I thought it might be interesting if Baltimore got in.

Baltimore only then needed a win, and a loss by New England, NY Jets, Cleveland, Denver and San Diego. San Diego cooperated.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan. The Cowboys were eliminated from this year’s playoffs in January 2000, when Dave Campo was hired as head coach. Thankfully, the news just came in: Campo is out.


Its time (once again) to dig out my dusty Cheesehead hat!

The Colts are in & I’m happy. I am especially happy that they are playing the amazin’ Jets since the Colts belonged to the AFC East for about 3 decades or so.

Go Colts!!!

I’m still reeling by the fact that the only one team from the AFC west is going to the playoffs this year.
Please, somebody, I don’t care who, beat the Raiders. That’s my Playoff Prayer.

Colts fan. Skeptical, but hopeful.

Mike Vick is still in it.

Fly Eagles Fly!

Houston fan here. Need I say more?

Go Texans!

They were eliminated as soon as Cleveland won the game Sunday morning. Some would say they were actually eliminated after the bye week when they went 2-7 after a 6-1 start. I had no expectations of a Super Bowl victory but I really did think that they’d finally make the playoffs.

Haj, Charger fan.

August 10, 2002.


DeadOman–steeler fan here too…we cannot play the Titans in the championship. If we win vs Cleveland, we play @Tenn the next week. If we win that, we would then host the AFC title game vs any team BUT the Raiders…if we play the Raiders we go to their place.

I’m a Minnesota fan.
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