NFL Playoffs - Is your team in?

The Broncos made it. Yeay!

Final standings

Playoff schedule

No trash talk, this ain’t the Pit. Just answer which team(s) you root for and are they in the playoffs. -?-

The Colts won their division.

Washington … did not.

Rams. They made it by the skin of their teeth, but the important thing is that they made it.

What do you think? :smiley:

But, Cleveland didn’t make it… :confused:


15-1, not bad.

Steelers, yes.

The suprise team of the year, my Chargers, made it in and won the division.


I wonder if it would violate my thread rules (or IMHO rules) to include play off predictions? I mean, as long as we don’t get all taunting about it…

I see Eagles and Steelers in the Superbowl, since I doubt my Broncs survive more than one round, if even that.

Still, Any Given Sunday™ is the NFL axiom.

With a sparkling 8-8 record :eek:, the St Louis Rams make the playoffs for the fifth time in six years.

Yay Seahawks!

Maybe win at least one playoff game this year?

Stuyguy if you think that the Rams made it by the skin of their teeth, the Vikings were worse.

They actually had to depend on two other teams to make it through to the playoffs.
I bet the game against the GB Packers is gonna be exciting.

Go Vikings!

Naw, it’s cool. I had a thread going for early Super Bowl predictions at the beginning of last year’ playoffs, and I’ll be starting one for this year’s in the morning (too damn tired right now).

Oh, and no, my Giants didn’t make it (although they did put on an impressive show tonight).

Chargers in :D, Bills out :mad:. Gotta give it to the Steelers, they showed up to play Buffalo even though they didn’t need the game.

Looking at all the potential Super Bowl matchups, I think I’d have to pick the AFC team in just about every one. Those NFC teams do not fill me with confidence.

Stinking Jets killed the Saints’ playoff hopes (After NO’s four-game win streak, too). At least it saves me the trouble of agonizing over their inevitable first-round loss. Glad to see the Broncos pulled it out, though.

I predict the Colts and Eagles in the Super Bowl, but I’m no expert.

If you want to taunt, there’s always my ongoing 10-pager in the Pit. You could start another one, but even with me on my best behavior I can almost guarantee that it won’t go 10 posts without smack. I’m not the only rabid fan here.


I’m just happy the Broncos made it. In my rational moments, I know they probably won’t make it past the first round, but then, they’re my boys, and I’ve had undying faith in them for 20 years. So I predict that this year will see the Broncos as the Superbowl Champions! WOO!!!

The Bills, as always, came so close. I’d’ve liked to have seen them in the playoffs, but considering the way they were playing earlier in the season, I’m just glad they managed a winning season.

Nope. My Skins did not make it in, but they did play spoiler to the Vikes!!

What do you mean the Vikes still got in?


Yes. Yes yes yes.

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No, the Bucs literally stunk during the stretch run, and stunk at the beginning, showing just a brief glimmer of hope in the middle. Jon Gruden has become very unpopular in this town, although how much he bears responsibility is debatable.

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