NFL fans: When did your team get eliminated? Or are they still in?

Well, we here in New England are a little bummed, after the Patriots got knocked out yesterday, as the Regular Season came to a bittersweet end (bitter because it’s over, sweet because - damn, I love Adam Vinatieri!).

So what about the rest of you? When were YOUR hopes and dreams crushed? Or is your team still in the running? Or have you buried your head in the sand, and continue rooting for the Bengals, pretty damn sure they’ve got a 1st round bye?

Speaking as another Pats fan, my season ended when the Jets scored their upteenth TD against the Packers yesterday afternoon. Brett Favre!! For how long must you mock me???!!

The Pats had a nice come-from-behind-victory over the Fish, which is nice, but they really just didn’t have It this year. Too many lackluster performances. If only they hadn’t slept through their last two games…

And oh yeah, is Adam V da bomb or what?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Patriots for that thrilling come from behind victory to help set the stage for the J-E-T-S!!!

Thanks again.:smiley:

My household’s football hopes were dashed twice yesterday. My wifes Beloved Patriots won yet still lost (Damn Cheeseheads) and my stupid Saints what is wrong with them??? I should have known when we were 6 and 1. I am so sick and tired of saying “There’s always next year” The way things are going we will HOST another superbowl before we ever play in one.:mad:

Vinatieri is definitely da bomb, Skammer. Irrefutably so. Did I mention I love him? I did? Oh, okay. Carry on.

When Atlanta couldn’t beat the Browns, I was told that Denver had no playoffs. Way to go, tie-breaker rules.

I’d also like to point out that this was the first time I ever used “da bomb” in context. I don’t think I quite pulled it off.

My Giants lucked into the playoffs after 3 Tiki Barber fumbles, an end zone interception, a missed field goal and an extraordinarily questionable holding call negating a touchdown, my Giants had to rely on a Akers choking on a near-gimme field goal. I vote that if we have an all Meadowlands Super Bowl, the NFL move the game to the stadium.

On the contrary - I would deem that statement a perfect defintion of “da bomb.” Kudos!

If you’re looking for an antonym for “da bomb,” I think the word you want is “Jets” (sorry, NYR).

I’m a Jets fan, though I haven’t watched much football these last few months, so I’m not sure of the date or anything, but we must have been eliminated back around October. I stopped watching when they went, like, 1-4.

We’re gonna be back next year, though. I have a lot of faith in Vinny.

I think it’s time to beat pseudotriton with sticks and pitchforks.

I’m a Jaguars fan. My team got eliminated very early in the season!

And here’s why: You won the division, fool!

Sorry, should have mentioned that in previous post.

Thank God for Martin Grammatica! Brad Johnson gets an extra week to heal up and hopefully make it back for the playoffs. If he can’t make it, Shaun King gets more practice time with the 1st team to redeem himself for choking vs the Steelers.

Now all they have to do is return a kickoff for a touchdown to dispel the last curse… the below 40° curse having been taken care of last night.


Against all logic or hope, I’m a Jets fan. Thanks, New England – First Parcells, next Martin, now this!

Now let’s see if the dog-ass Jets get into the Superbowl against the Giants. :wink:

I’m a Falcons Fan, so my dreams won’t be crushed until Saturday at Lambeau Field.

Not that I’m bitching, though. I thought before the season that the Falcs were another 2+ years away from the playoffs.

I’m a Steeler fan. We are in. But I have mixed feelings about the playoffs. IF our defense stays solid and our offense doesnt lose any games for us, we can go a long ways. If our defense takes a half off and the O can’t keep there hands on the F-bombing-ball then the Browns will kick our ass this sunday. I won’t be suprised if either of those happens. But I’m predicting we lose in the AFC championship game to the Titans after beating the Browns and Raiders.

I have a really good feeling about the Eagles, after being crushed on Saturday and then elated on Sunday. You know, that “team of destiny” feeling. It just seemed so improbable that they would still end up with home field. And now a week off to regroup, and maybe even get McNabb back? Perfect.

Right now, the thought of going to the Super Bowl and quite possibly a rematch with the hated Oakland Raiders from Super Bowl XV is looking pretty good.

Rams fan here. I’m still wobbly from the roller coaster that was this year’s NFL regular season. First the horrible and unexpected drooooop. Then the heroic and exhausting cliiiiiimb. Then the pathetic wimpering death as your team utterly runs out of gas two or three games before the end of the season.

Anyway, we play the Niners tonight. I’ll still watch and root 'cause all Rams fans hate the Niners under all circumstances, playoffs or no.

Another Bucs fan here. Second seed in the NFC playoffs, thank you very much. Which means we get eliminated when we have to travel to Philadelphia to play or when Rob Johnson starts at QB, whichever comes first.

Heal fast, Brad Johnson, heal thee quickly!