Has your NFL team's season gone down in flames, too?

The Chiefs annual meltdown occurred in week 13 when they allowed Cleveland—CLEVELAND—to come from 14 pts down and win in overtime.

So KC still has a chance at a Wild Card playoff spot. BUT THEY CAN’T WIN A FRAKKING GAME ON THE ROAD SO WHY BOTHER!!!

Who else has been let down yet again by the team they can’t seem to get out of their blood?

Detroit Lions a mere 50 years .Our last road win was during Roman Empire.

Not me. My Saints are contenders this year. 8-4, with games against Dallas, Washington, NY, and Carolina to go. If the playoffs started today, all but Washington would be in. It’s a tough road, but a first round bye is possible…GEAUX SAINTS!

Cincy’s had some problems, but they’re 7-5 and still in the hunt for a Wild Card berth.

Shanny thinks so.

Yet Cutler hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass yet. :smiley:

You think getting beat by the Browns is a bad thing?

The Rams lost to the freakin’ Arizona Cardinals 34-20!

It should have been 34-13, but the Rams managed to get a touchdown with :35 left in the game.

I like 3 teams:

Giants – now have lost 4 straight, including that disaster at Tennessee last week. Still in playoff hunt, but the light is dimming fast.

Jets – Need at least 1 more win for a good chance at the postseason. Looking better than 3 weeks ago, though.

Bucs --I lived in Tampa 1990-1996. This 3-9 season is one bit of nostalgia I didn’t need to see. Chucky must go!

i’m a Colts fan so things won’t go down in flames for me until the playoffs, which is worse in my opinion. I have to tell you, losses against Dallas and Tennessee aren’t filling me full of confidence. I wouldn’t say they’ve gone down in flames though, they are 10-2 after all.

Several weeks ago. See this thread for all the gory details.

Well, as a lifelong Dallas fan (since I was a little Monstreling, age 7), I’m happy about their successes that have picked up their season in the last month or so. 4 straight wins putting them now at 8-4 and in the driver’s seat in the NFC East. They square off with the 8-4 Saints next week – fortunately my 'Boys have home field advantage. That one could decide who ends up in the lead position for a first round bye.

I’m even happier by the promise that Romo is showing as QB – if he keeps playing well, he could be the next franschise QB for Dallas. They’ve been looking for a solid one since Aikman retired.

Meanwhile, my other team (Jacksonville – since I grew up in that area) is off and on, not really playing consistent. They won today, which helps them join the wild card race (especially since KC lost), but there’s going to be a lot of competition for those two wild card spots in the AFC this season!

My CFL team folded under the same owner who killed off Ottawa’s original team.

Well, the Giants haven’t gone down in flames yet. There’s some turbulence and the stewardess is putting on the lifejacket just in case but there’s still hope.

The way things are going I’ll be happy with an 8-8 season. Again. :frowning:

You forgot to add that Cleveland’s second string quarterback was the one who led the comeback. :smiley:

As a Browns fan living in a Lions market, I wonder what people mean when they speak of parity in the NFL. I just keep telling myself the reward remaining loyal will be huge once we finally win a Super Bowl.

Well, I feel like the Broncos are slowly going up in flames. The problem the team was having was not Plummer’s fault. Al Wilson is injured and Cutler plays like the rookie he is. I had really high hopes for the post-season, and now, quite frankly, I doubt we’ll make it past the wildcard round. Not with Cutler as our qb.

Maybe next year.

Stupid freakin Giants. They continue to disappoint me year after year. Its as if the only thing I have to look forward to is an annual last minute rush for the wildcard. This is depressing.

Don’t look now buddy.

Not yet. Go Hawks!

nervously watching the now-tie game with Denver

At least we’re playing better than last week. We won, but shite, what a mess that was.

It’s GOOD! However, I think Mr. Stasaeon just had a heart attack.

Fuckin’ Lions.

The Niners, last week. A week before we were looking at a possible wild card berth. Today’s loss to the Saints was just icing on the cake.

I’m a Steelers fan. I think that about says it all.