NFL fans: who made the biggest impact for your team?

What new player for your favorite team has made the biggest impact for your team? This can be FA, draft pick or UDFA.

For my Rams, we upgraded in a lot of areas this offseason. Especially in the RB, LB and WR positions. But the player I think is making the biggest impact for them is Harvey Dahl. He has been a serious upgrade at the RG spot and has shored up a very weak side and it showed during the game against the Colts with bradford having all day to throw. Now if we can just get Jason Smith to pick up his game some more.

The Texans picked up CB Johnathan Joseph. While I’ve not seen much of him yet, he’d be the best guess. Not to forget J.J. Watt though, acquired in the draft. He’s looked awfully good so far and should have an immediate impact.

My team, the Giants, didn’t seem to do much except watch the Eagles pick up all the best free agents.

I HOPE one or more of their latest draft picks amounts to something; if not, this could be a long season.

It’s far too early to tell with any confidence but the leader in the clubhouse is 1st round pick Gabe Carimi, the new RT for the Bears. The staff seems intent on keeping him at RT regardless of what happens with the morass that is the rest of the O line and in the first preseason game he looked like a potential Pro Bowler. That was against the Bills of course, but Carimi has stood out in every practice. We might have something special there.

Aside from Carimi it’ll probably be either Roy Williams or Marion Barber. I’m pretty confident Barber will be a great addition so long as he stays healthy. Williams is a much bigger question mark but his potential impact is much greater.

:eek: Holy Crap!!! Another Rams fan!!! Lets start a Superbowl thread!

For the Lions There is decent chance it will be Fairly, since he’s likely to have single blocking a lot of the time.
But My money is on Tulloch. It might be a quiet impact, just tackling the guy in front of him for a three yard gain, but it’s something the Lions desperately need. And if the last couple years are any indication he may do it a buttload of times (if he ends up at middle).

This year? I’m crossing my fingers it will be Albert Haynesworth. On the one hand, I’m skeptical that he won’t be a clubhouse disaster… but I thought the same thing about Randy Moss. And Corey Dillon. So I’ll just hold my breath for the first few weeks and trust that Belicheck knows what he’s doing.

Eagles fan here.

This is a funny thread.

Appropriate that I should follow Jules here, because the Buccaneers, uh, don’t have any new players to make an impact. With the most cap room in the league, we signed… the Falcons’ pretty-good-but-never-made-a-Pro-Bowl punter, Michael Koenen, to a $20m contract.

We did have the best draft, and either Adrian Clayborn or Da’Quan Bowers will be an impact player, but defensive ends usually take a couple of years to figure things out.

MLB Mason Foster, a third round pick, will be defensive rookie of the year. He was second in the nation in tackles in 2010, and middle linebackers win more than any other position (4 of the last 7). He’ll be the third lowest drafted player to win it (#84 overall).

Since moving to St. Louis, I’ve developed an odd affinity for the Rams. They’re clearly also-rans in the market and have had to do a gut rehab in the last couple years, but I like how they’ve rebuilt, they’re practices are fun, and I like Spags. While I think Dahl will be a great upgrade, I think the biggest effect will be felt through the addition of Josh McDaniels. Adding him, with Bradford, will have a huge effect on this team from this year and beyond.

As to the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Green Bay Packers, I think the biggest positive impact will be felt by Randall Cobb, the Packers’ second round pick. I think (hope) he’ll have an immediate impact on special teams, and could be a situational tool on offense. Their first round pick, Derrick Sherrod, may be their starting LG, but I’ll stick with Cobb.

I’m willing to bet that in three years the Eagles will be shown to have had far and away the best draft this year. They’re going to end up getting four full time starters (Watkins, Jarrett, Matthews, and Kelce) a rotational player who will be starting in 4-5 years (standout Curtis Marsh), and their every day kicker for the next decade (Henery).

No guarantees, obviously, but I’m extremely confident in these guys. Watkins is already starting, Jarrett will be by season’s end. Matthews has been given every starting snap from day one and will hold the job unless he collapses or is inadequate (in which case he’ll be the starting SAM instead of MIKE), and Kelce is already stealing half the 1st team snaps at center. He’ll be starting by season’s end or start of next season at latest. There are a couple other guys in the mix for depth positions down the road if they can sneak onto the roster or practice squad.