NFL fans, Who will be the Titan killer?

With CLE becoming the Giant Killer we have one undefeated team left, the Tennesee Titans. So look into your crystals balls and predict who will be the team that breaks thier streak.

I, personally, think that it will be Indy in wk 8, now that Indy’s offence has thier feet under them again.

Although it would be NFL poetry for them to go clear to wk 13 only to lose to Detroit for the Lion’s first win. :slight_smile: (not that I think either part of that scenario is likely)

So, who do you think will do it? or will they go all the way?

Week 8 at Indy on MNF.

At the rate the league is going this season, it will be Detroit on Thanksgiving.

Remaining schedule:

I foresee the following losses:

Indy, @Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, @Indy.

ie. it will be Indy that ends the streak.

But the Chief’s Larry Johnson was just charged with assault. Wouldn’t that put KC into the lead?

I’ll buck the trend and go with Pit.

I see them beating KC (don’t need to be Nostradamus for that), but I also see more losses than wins over the remainder of the season for about a 10-6 record. Collins won’t continue to win (or stay healthy), and Fisher only has so many rabbits to pull out of the hat. The defense should remain good, though, which will keep them in it.

Indy is the most likely candidate to get to them first.

Sonny Werblin. When he killed the Titans, they stayed dead.


Harry Hamlin?

If they get to the Steelers they’re going down, but they won’t. They’re going to lose to Indianapolis if the Chiefs don’t play over their heads and get lucky first.

Kerry Collins.

(Actually, Collins isn’t bad. I was just surprised no one had made the most obvious joke yet.)

Hopefully the Jaguars. Sweet, sweet revenge for the season when the Jaguars went 14-2 and their only two losses were to the Titans. And then they lost in the championship to…the Titans.

No, I’m not bitter about that at all.

dont count out the packers…they can score with the best of em

Indy has fallen to the 7-0 Titans. Any love for the Pack to end it or are we looking at Jacksonville? and NO, da Bears get no love here. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Lions will have a chance to be the hero after all :smiley:

I think Aaron Rodgers can move the ball against them in the air, but I don’t see Ryan “flash in the pan” Grant doing much on the ground. On the other hand, everyone has been able to move the ball against the Pack D lately. Doesn’t look good on paper.

Still, I must say I’m totally not sold on Kerry Collins and/or the wideouts.

Da Bears.

Week 11, Jacksonville.

I’m calling it for the Pack, perhaps only wishfully.

The Titans are coming off their biggest win of the year, and now have a nearly insurmountable division lead. They will be playing a non-conference opponent on a short week. The Packers will be coming off a bye and should have two defensive starters back (they shut down the Colts with their starting SS and #2 CB out).

So I think there could be a letdown.

And RNATB, I don’t think that the problem is so much that Grant was a flash in the pan. The problem is that Mike McCarthy likes to abandon the run prematurely.

He’s gotten 60+ carries over the last two games. He’s only averaging 2.7 YPC over the season, although some of that is no doubt due to the sore hammy.

As long as Cleveland doesn’t pull any more surprises this year, they might be able to take the Titans by surprise – nah, it’s away for them, so it will most likely be the mediocre Browns showing up. I have no faith in Jacksonville (who lost to Cleveland after coming off a bye week!) or Indy (unless Indy finds a running game). GB is a good choice, though not on paper. I think the best bet overall is Pitt.