NFL players -- waist packs?

I don’t usually watch sports, but I happened to catch a few minutes of tonight’s Rams/Browns game. I noticed that a few of the players were wearing waist packs.

Why? And why only a few of them?

They keep their hands warm.


Don’t lie Kathy. They keep their lipstick in there for touch-ups during the commercial breaks.

Ok, Kathy’s right. They’re hand warmers.

Traditionally, such a device has been called a muff. The NFL is a terribly macho bunch, though, so they probably have a different name for it.

Nope, still called a muff. It’s been carried over to “muffed” describing a kick returner that fumbles the handling. “he muffed the punt/kick-off”

Keep hands warm.

Why on some players? Well, those that hanlde the ball are most likely to use them.

Are there rules against grabbing the guy’s muff to make a tackle? Er, allow me to rephrase that. Can you grab the hand warmer to make a tackle? I heard Sunday that grabbing a players dreadlocks to make a tackle, but wondered about the hand warmers.

You can grab anything but the facemask. The hand warmer thingee is fair game.

It’s not going to hurt the guy most likely. It’s much more likely that it will just fall off if you try to grab it.