NFL Predictions (Not what you think)

OK. Next year the NFL goes to a new alignment of teams and divisions. I predict that there will at least one division winner at .500 or worse going to the playoffs at the expense of one or more other teams in another division at 9-7 or 10-6. And Bubba you all gonna hear some howlin’ then.

At the NFL’s 2003 Spring Meeting the owners are going to go to a 14 team playoff format. In 2004 they will go to a full 16 team four-round tourney. And you can bet your boots that some crappy teams are going to be playing ball in January.

I love realignment. Lessee, instead of Green Bay, Chicago and Minnesota twice a year we get to play Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina. Twice. Weeeee! And all this time we thought we needed a good QB or a decent left tackle. But all we really needed all along was to get our own division with the bottom half of the NFC West.

And MonkeyMensch, you’re probably right.

Sorry. It was exactly what I thought.