NFL Predictions Week 2

Sorry everyone, I still can’t find it in me to come up with the normal wit and poor-team degradation, so you’re stuck with the same picks and analysis I put in at fantasystats:

Too many people, far more eloquent than me, have made and will make statements regarding this past week’s tragedy, so I’ll leave it at this – God Bless the Victims, their Families, their Friends, the Rescue Workers, our Armed Forces, our President and Congress, and May God Bless America.

The NFL schedule has taken a bit of a twist, especially on the fantasy end as the line-up you thought you’d be using for Week 2 will probably undergo quite a few changes (sorry if your opponent has a Vikings stud on his team). Too avoid confusion, I will refer to this week as Week 2, next week as Week 3, etc.

The first thing that popped out at me looking at the Week 2 schedule was “wow, there are A LOT of home underdogs this week.” I count eight. Let’s see if that’s the way it actually pans out:

Bills 17 at Colts 34 (Colts by 10)
Wide receivers are the big question mark in this game. Will Moulds reappear after vanishing last week? (Yes.) How about Harrison? (Yes.) Who will start opposite of Harrison? (I think it’s Pathon’s job to lose.)
START: Manning, James, Harrison, Pathon, Vanderjagt, Moulds.

Raiders 20 at Dolphins 21 (Miami by 1 ½)
The injury to Bowens hurts Miami’s defense, but their new and improved offense did a great job against the very tough Titan defense. If this were in Oakland, I’d pick the Raiders.
START: Lamar Smith, Chambers (a hunch), Garner, Janikowski.

Titans 20 at Jaguars 16 (Jaguars by 2)
Believe it or not, O’Donnell as the QB may actually help the Titans in this game. He’s certainly one of the better back-ups in the league. Even with the week off, the Titans are reeling from the home loss to Miami and won’t start the season 0-2.
START: George, Taylor, Hollis, Nedney.

Baltimore 27 at Bengals 10 (Baltimore by 7)
I’m being nice with that touchdown for the Bungles, but I’m not sure who will score it. It could either be Dillon, Warrick, or Scott. It will probably be a long one though. Baltimore will continue to air it out with not much going in the running game.
START: Grbac, Sharpe, Stover, Raven Defense.

Panthers 24 at Falcons 28 (Falcons by 3 ½)
There should be a lot of scoring in this game, so don’t feel too bad starting almost anyone on either team. This one could go either way, but I’ll give it to the home team.
START: Weinke, Muhammad, Jamal Anderson, Mathis.

Lions 13 at Browns 10 (Lions by 1 ½)
I thought about giving this one to the Browns because the Lions’ secondary is so banged up. Then I remembered that Seattle’s was in Week 1, and the Browns could only manage 6 points.
START: Lions Defense.

Vikings 31 at Bears 17 (Vikings by 3)
The Vikings looked absolutely horrid against the Panthers. I don’t expect to see that two games in a row. Cris Carter had an extra week to get over that deep thigh bruise, so the passing game should be clicking on all cylinders.
START: Marcus Robinson (another hunch), Culpepper, Moss, Carter, Chamberlain.

Giants 27 at Chiefs 24 (Chiefs by 1)
Alexander’s nagging achilles has him down to doubtful for the week as I write this. That’ll make things tough on Green, Gonzo, and Minnis, but I still expect a couple of passing scores from them
START: Barber, Toomer, Green, Gonzo, Richardson.

Chargers 31 at Cowboys 14 (Chargers by 3 ½)
Everyone’s sleeper team gets another convincing win. No reason to feel bad if you have to use a Charger in your starting line-up.
START: Tomlinson, Freddie Jones, Flutie, Conway.

Jets 20 at Patriots 13 (Jets by 1 ½)
The Patsies couldn’t beat the Bungles. I don’t have a lot of faith in the Jets, but emotion and Curtis Martin should carry them in this one.
START: Curtis Martin, John Hall.

Rams 30 at 49ers 20 (Rams by 6 ½)
This one could be iffy if the sore thumb sidelines Warner. I’m assuming he’ll be good to go and the Greatest Show on Turf will put on a nice display.
START: Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Wilkens, Owens, Garcia.

Eagles 17 at Seahawks 10 (Eagles by 3)
The Seahawks defensive backfield is still all banged up. Meanwhile the young Seattle wide receivers will be facing two very talented defensive backs.
START: Staley, McNabb, Eagles Defense.

Broncos 27 at Cardinals 10 (Broncos by 8 ½)
The week off probably hurt Arizona more than anyone else as this will be their first game of the season. The loss of McCaffrey is a blow to the Broncos, but they should be able to overcome it against the Cards.
START: Greise, Rod Smith, Terrell Davis, Broncos Defense.

Redskins 13 at Packers 31 (Packers by 8 ½)
The Packers end up with two home games to start the season. The Redskins seem to be picking up where they left off in their dismal finish to last season. Look for quite a few Redskin turnovers.
START: Favre, Schroeder, Ahman Green, Packer Defense.

Last Week: 13-2 straight up, 9-6 against the spread.
Overall: 13-2, 9-6.

I predict that 90 % of the games will be decided by the kicker.

Rainbow Wig Guy will magically appear in every end zone shot with his “John 3:16” sign.

There will be alot of crotch angle shots of the cheerleaders while they are kicking. (Rah!)

And as always, the Lions will suck.

Doubt it. According to the Big Man, Stewart’s in jail.

Good call on the Eagles/Seahawks, Gazoo. I’ve almost forgiven you for picking the Rams two weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting all week for this thread so I could H-word it. I have a sports betting line question:

What does “OFF” mean in a betting line chart? I’ve never seen it before, but there it was in the sports section of the NY Post (Rams vs. 49ers, and another game).

It can’t mean “bye” because the teams are scheduled to play. It also can’t mean the teams are evenly matched because another game on the chart read “pick 'em.”

Thanks all.

Oh, and Montfort… shouldn’t that be montfort?

I also like the suggested fantasy starters, Gazoo. Keep that up, if you don’t mind.

Gazoo - Nice to have you back. Wow, it seems like the season is starting all over again, isn’t it?

…oh, wait, they already had that endless 5-week preseason, so it shouldn’t feel like the season is starting over. Sorry.

stuyguy - “Off” means the same thing as “no line”, i.e. Vegas isn’t taking bets. This usually happens when one or more key players are injured and they don’t know if they’re going to start or not. Practically every game with a hurt star quarterback is off.

Terrell Davis is having his knee examined (again). Apparently it keeps filling with fluid and has been drained twice in the last two weeks. He may need arthroscopic surgery which will bench him for 4-5 weeks. Here’s the article.

Gazoo, thanks for posting these. I know it’s difficult in trying time, but put me in the camp of “we’ve got to get back to as normal as possible to show the bad guys they didn’t win”. Look forward to the witty criticism as soon as you are ready. And thanks for the word on Terrell Davis, we picked up Olandis Gary late on one of my Fantasy teams and have been wondering what to do with him, might have to hold off on taking a decision there.

DKW thanks for the “OFF” explanation. Who is missing in the SF/Rams game that they can’t handicap it? Or anyone else have an idea why they wouldn’t take bets on that one.

There were questions early in the week regarding Warner’s thumb. As he’s not even listed on their injury report, he should be good to go. I see that the Vegas Books are taking bets on it at Rams by 6 or 6 1/2.

Terrell Davis is “out” for the game on Sunday:

Hey Gazoo,

I’m wondering if you checked out the Niners defense. I was quite impressed with their holds after the 1st quarter (and horrifed by the offense till the 3rd), still I see much improvement. Not enough to have great hopes for Sunday, but I think we’ll make it close.

Hey stuffinb,

I didn’t get to see any of the Niner game last week. Hopefully I’ll catch some of the game this week, which should be more telling than the Falcon game anyway.

Hey Gazoo,

Just compared my confidence leage picks with yours. We are aligned except for two games which I had set as my lowest confidence picks, anyway. This was a hunch that the Giants might lose to KC on the road. Figured they might not have been too focused in their preparation plus they’ve got to travel half way across the country again for this one. The other was to take the Brownies over the Lions, probably influenced by all the Lions fans poor-mouthing their team all over the boards. I guess it should be ugly either way, with Detroit going to Detmer for the game.

Yeah, it should. :frowning:

I’ve been trying to sign in as “montfort” but the system keeps having me be “Montfort.” I correct it when I post (I’m doing it now), but it doesn’t work all the time.

Sorry, I don’t mean to renege on a bet, really.

I like the Fantasy Starters picks, too. Thanks for the heads-up about Terrell Davis, Gazoo.

Go Eagles!

See, this is why I love the NFL.

I was faced with the choice of starting Jon Kitna vs Baltimore or Jeff Garcia vs St Louis. I said “Well, Kitna sucks and Garcia rocks, and Baltimore rocks and St Louis sucks, so this is a no-brainer.”

…and Cincinnati is winning 14-3.

(I hate this, though, because I’ve picked Baltimore to win… but it’s still great to watch.)

It’s now 21-10 with about 2 minutes remaining. And how about them Bears.

[sub]and I should have my head examined for picking up Detmer as my off week QB. Six interceptions! Sheesh!

Dem Bears can rot in the fiery pits of my burning rage. At least I’ll take consolation where I can get it - the Titans are also 0-2.

But still! The BENGALS! Over the RAVENS!

I shall hope that one good thing will come of this, and that John Corrado is crying into his beer. (Well, I don’t particularly wish him ill- but I can’t think of any other Ravens boosters, and that was the biggest lock of the season…)

So the world really is turned upside down, or at least sideways. Here are the AFC Central standings as of right now:

2-0 Cincinnati
2-0 Jacksonville
1-1 Baltimore
1-1 Cleveland
0-1 Pittsburgh
0-2 Tennessee

I don’t know about biggest lock of the season, the guy who runs the confidence picks at my work picked the Bengals over the Ravens, for only 3 points, but think of the points he didn’t lose. Probably netted over 100 dollars today.

Looks like another fine week, Gazoo.

Hats off to the Dolphins for winning under such extreme conditions. Forcing a critical three-and-out near the ending and converting on fourth-and-three on the final drive were remarkable. It looks like the Fish are back. (Well, at least until the playoffs. :smiley: )

It looks like it could be a long season for the Vikings. Just too much bad stuff hitting them all at once. (I definitely wouldn’t want to be Cris Carter right now.)

Gazoo, I like you, but would you please stop picking the Vikes to win? I think you’re jinxing us :frowning: