NFL Predictions - Week 3

Wow, the NFL is turned on its head. Chargers and Bengals 2-0? Titans and Vikings 0-2? That’s why I love this sport!! Here’s the picks:

Buccaneers 27 at Vikings 24 (Bucs by 2 ½)
Someone better constrain Culpepper before he kills Moss and/or Carter with all their complaining. I’m not sure the Vikings will even do this well, but they’re at home so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
START: Brad Johnson, Keyshawn, Dunn, Moss, Culpepper.

Chiefs 13 at Redskins 9 (Chiefs by 3)
Let’s see, the Chiefs have no receivers, the ‘Skins have no quarterback. Give it to KC since they have a better run defense.
START: Chiefs Defense, Conway, Gonzo.

Miami 24 at Rams 27 (Rams by 6)
Miami is for real folks, both on defense (as always) and offense. In the dome though, I’ll give it to the track team WRs of the Rams. All bets are off if Faulk gets hurt from Taylor or Thomas slamming him to the ground. Bettors stay away.
START: Warner, Lamar Smith, Holt, Hakim, Carney.

Packers 30 at Panthers 13 (Packers by 3 ½)
Let’s see, in game one the Pack sent Batch to the bench. After game two, George was waived. Weinke better wear his green and gold undies to ward off the curse.
START: Green, Favre, Schroeder, Longwell.

Colts 28 at Patriots 6 (Colts by 12)
You know Manning’s stock has risen when I couldn’t trade for him in my fantasy league even though I offered Faulk!!
START: Manning, Harrison, James, Pathon.

Saints 24 at Giants 17 (Giants by 3)
The Saints have had a nice break to prepare for this game, hopefully they won’t be too rusty. This should be a good battle in the trenches between the Saints’ O-line and the Giants D-line.
START: Brooks, Williams.

Steelers 13 at Bills 14 (Steelers by 3)
A bit of a risky pick here with the fragile Rob Johnson spending more time on his back than an olympic luge hopeful. I think Moulds will gut out the injury and perform well.
START: Moulds.

Falcons 20 at Cardinals 13 (Falcons by 3)
Geez, David Boston gets bigger every time I see that guy. I think he’s going for the World’s Largest Bicep record. Too bad he doesn’t play defense, because this game will be all Jamal all day.
START: Jamal Anderson.

Ravens 21 at Broncos 30 (Broncos by 4)
If I would have told someone in July that Grbac and the Ravens would attempt 63 passes in a game against the Bengals they would have responded with, “Yeah, and the Titans will start 0-2.”
START: Grbac, Greise, Rod Smith, Olandis Gary, Elam.

Browns 3 at Jaguars 17 (Jaguars by 9)
The Jags have yet to give up a TD and they’re not about to start with the Browns at home. Gotta love Taylor’s quote after the injury, “I’ve been here before. I know the routine.” What? Huh? Taylor’s been hurt before? When? I don’t recall that!
START: Jags Defense.

Seattle 10 at Raiders 28 (Raiders by 10 ½)
The Seattle loyal were chanting for Dilfer to be put into the game last week. I swear I read about this in Revelation.
START: Gannon, Garner, Brown, Raiders Defense.

Cowboys 6 at Eagles 27 (Eagles by 13 ½)
Duce is probably kicking himself for missing his chance for another 200 yard game.
START: McNabb, Akers, Buckhalter, Chad Lewis, Eagles defense.

49ers 27 at Jets 20 (Jets by 3)
If I actually placed bets on games other than the Superbowl, this would be one of them. The J-E-T-S, Jets-Jets-Jets really don’t impress me at all this year. Except that Martin guy.
START: Garcia, Owens, Barlow, Cortez, Martin.

That’s it for now sports fans. Best of luck this week!

Last week: 10-4 straight up, 8-6 Against the spread.

Overall: 23-6 straight up, 17-12 Against the spread.

I am old, my eyes are tired, my teeth are weak, etc. but I swear I don’t see a pick for the Bengals at Chargers in there. Am I wrong?

It happens almost every week that I somehow skip a game:

Bengals 17 at Chargers 27 (Chargers by 6 1/2)
I hate to admit it, but the Bengals (yes, I called them the Bengals - they’ve earned it for at least a week) actually looked impressive, especially on defense. Too bad they’re facing everyone’s favorite darkhorse.

START: Darnay Scott, Flutie, Richey, Freddie Jones, Tomlinson.

Under the starters for the Phins-Rams game it should have Wilkens, not Richey.

I feel good about this game too. Word is the 49ers receivers will be play sans oven mits. I don’t expect that much offense form the Jets, but I presict the niners will come out throwing. I haven’t read the papers on it, but I hope they’ll start Barlow, and ween Hearst back in maybe on third down as an option.

I mean Wilkens instead of Carney.

The places I have looked predict Barlow splitting time with Hearst.

And Gazoo, I hope you haven’t lifted the curse on the Vikings by picking my Bucs.

Gazoo, feeling generous? You’ve given way to much credit to the 'Queens and the Ravin’s.

What about Isaac Bruce? You’d start Hakim over Bruce?

Thanks for picking the Bucs - if the Vikings win, I’ll buy you a beer somewhere. :smiley:

And if that happens, I am almost certain to post something along the lines of “and they would have won, too, if it hadn’t been for that meddlin’ Gazoo!”

It’s okay, I am going to pick the Vikings in both my pick’em leagues just to counter this black magic.

You really think it’s gonna be that close?

As the driver of the Suckwagon[sup]TM[/sup], I gotta say the nuns at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows could score 17 against the Redskins. And probably hold them to a pair of FGs, too. :wink:

While the Redskins certainly suck, the Chiefs so far are doing a pretty poor imitation of a football team too.

Auggghhh…don’t tell me the Bears have a bye week now that they’re on a roll…

Bruce is a stud. If you have him you probably won’t bench him any week. I think he’ll do worse than average because he’ll draw either Madison or Surtain in coverage. Holt has size and speed advantage over either of the 'Phins DBs, so in the red-zone they’ll go that way. Hakim will face the nickel-back, probably the rookie, so there’s more chance for him to score.

I have Bruce, and I’m still starting him, but I’m not expecting much. I also have Faulk and didn’t include him on the start list for the same reason. I think he’ll have a below average game, but if you need me to tell you to start him you don’t have a chance to begin with.

Fantasy football rule #1 - NEVER sit your studs.

You were going to trade Faulk?! As a Ram’s fan, this is deeply disturbing to me. You are now on The List.

I have to agree with the call on the 'Phins and Rams though. I think the Ram’s will win in a close one, mostly due to home field advantage.

Two predictions.

The Ravens prove, once and for all, that their Super Bowl was an incredible fluke, won in a manner that they can never, ever duplicate.

The Vikings demonstrate why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

'Kay, that’ll do for a bump. See ya Sunday. :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :smiley:

Thanks from me too! :smiley: