NFL Predictions - Week 3

Ok, I was wrong.

Final Rams 42
Dolphins 10

If only the Rams can play this well against defensive teams all season. I have to give special mention to the Rams’ recievers and defense though. Proehl made a hell of a catch on a ball thrown off-target and Holt knocked the ball loose from a defender’s grip, saving Warner from tossing up an interception. The defense made two red zone interceptions: one on the 1 yard line, the other in the end zone. This game could have been a lot closer.

And the Bucs would have won if it hadn’t been for that meddlin’ Gazoo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t do this again. And WTF happened in Foxboro…I once again go down in flames in my confidence leagues.

I was going to start another thread about this, but I’m getting the feeling that Drew Bledsoe may be the most overpriced QB in the NFL. He just doesn’t seem to be able to put anything together without Parcells as his coach. I think it will be interesting to see what Brady will do with him on the sidelines for a couple of weeks.

Okay, maybe they got a spark from the new QB, but what about the much vaunted Colts offense? I assume Brady did not also line up at free safety. This may be threadworthy, I assume we have some New England Dopers out there that are going to need to crow about this.

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wrong answer! Thank you for playing. We spotted Denver 7 points in Denver, and still won 20-13. Anyone who saw the game knows we treated the Broncos like a redheaded stepchild.

REPEAT 2001!!!

And once again the great football gods decide to throw my reality into UPHEAVAL. Good teams lose to bad ones, the Chargers are undefeated, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!
I am disappointed in the Bucs today. I have a grudge against both Brad and Keyshawn Johnson which is surprising, usually it’s just one or the other.
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But now that I look at Gazoo’s picks, maybe it’s not just me. He’s 5-6 so far today, so that can’t be a good sign.

Wow, I took a beating. Time to start looking over the gamebooks (unfortunately, I don’t have game tapes).

Great games by Baltimore, St. Louis, San Diego, Cleveland, and Green Bay. I didn’t watch enough of the Patriots game to get a real read on it.

Just so those of you in confidence pools don’t feel too bad. We have a “stress” pool. 33 participants. Each week you pick one team to lose. You can’t use the same team more than once, and if your loser wins, you’re out. In week one, I went 13-2 in my predictions but was eliminated because I took Carolina to lose. After 3 weeks of games, we’re down to 2 people.

Weirddave - Well, the Ravens won this time. But it was fairly close, and they still relied on Matt Stover more than a Super Bowl-caliber team probably should. They’re going to win games, but I’m going to have to see more before believing that lightning (great defense, suspect offense) will strike twice.

Sheesh, now there are Ravens fans who are going to jump on every half-baked prediction on this board? I should’ve stuck with the Redskins…

Gazoo - What happened in the Patriots-Colts game was that Peyton Manning threw a bunch of interceptions, the Pats offense (led by a quarterback starting his first NFL game ever) capitalized. This Got The Ball Rolling, and evidently it flattened the entire Colts defense.

I may have gotten a few details wrong, but that’s pretty much how it went.

Everyone else - So, judging from the comments on NFL Primetime, because of the attack on the Pentagon, the Redskins are now under pressure to win. This to go along with the pressure caused by 1. High Expectations and 2. starting the season 3-0.

Four wins, tops.

And I’d love to be proven wrong, really. :slight_smile:

Oops. 0-3. But I suppose you already knew that.

After spotting the Broncos a quick lead in the first couple of plays, the Ravens dominated. The Broncos vaunted running attack was once again absent. The Broncos O line and their dirty tactics could not contain the Ravens. The Broncos apologists had been saying that the playoff game was mostly Frerotte’s fault, and this time it was going to be different. So to test this hypothesis, have a rematch:

  1. With Griese back as Broncos QB
  2. At Mile High
  3. The Ravens don’t even have Jamal Lewis this time
  4. Start off the game with a turnover to set up the Broncos at the Ravens 1 yard line.

Ravens still win.

Gazoo, I love you.

Pick the Saints next weekend, mmmkay? :wink:

Yeah, but Marty Schottenheimer is like Jesus - he has the power to bring the dead back to life. If they’re playing on the other side of the ball from the Deadskins, that is. :rolleyes:

Wait, I’m trying to understand here…The Ravens gift the Broncos 7 points 20 seconds into the game. After that, for the next 59:40, the Broncos scored…2 FGs. And It’s the Ravens who relied too much on their kicker???

What do you mean “Now” Kinmosabe? I’ve been a Ravens fan since '96. :wink:

There’s a weenie on a local radio station that has come to be known as the best negative indicator out there. He has an uncanny ability to pick the opposite of the outcome of Vikings games.

Gazoo is giving him a run for it though.

I don’t mean to imply Gazoo is a weenie. Far from it. Feel free to pick the Saints next week, though.

I got two words for you (Which was something I believed in long before I read this article, but didn’t have a name for.)

Ewing Theory

This guy even called it in this article--
About halfway down the page… "Two words for the Bledsoe-less Patriots, ‘Ewing Theory’ "

Gotta Love The Sports Guy.

You know, it sucks that every year the Bears are bad…but there’s always a handful of teams who’s wheels come off in a catastrophic fashion as to prevent the Bears from really getting a difference making rookie. This year it looks the the Bears could go 4-12 and not even get a top 5 pick.

Heheheh. After the sheer joy of watching the Eagles treat Dallas like a rag doll, it got a little boring in the second half.

I mean, I couldn’t tell if it was the Dallas Cowboys or the Dallas High School team out there.

Go Eagles!!!

Wow, I have Todd Pinkston (and Corey Buckhalter and Jeremiah Trotter) on one of my fantasy teams. Pinkston had two totally amazing catches in that game last night. And I wish I had Chad Lewis. Just have to remember not to read too much into a game against the Cowboys. I didn’t start Pinkston because I wanted to give him another look after he disappeared against Seattle last week. But now Thrash disappeared this week. I think McNabb just gets on a receiver and goes with him. It was Pinkston in week 1, Thrash week 2, Lewis in week 3, it may be that rookie’s week next week. From a fantasy perspective it’s a bit aggravating, but it was fun to watch.