NFL Visiting Team Cheerleader ?

Okay, big bet on the line here with my husband. :wink: In NFL football, are the cheerleaders for the visiting team present for the game? As an example, the Texans are playing at Denver tonight. Are the Texans cheerleaders in attendance?

Taking a guess, I will say, with the utmost certainty, that it probably depends.

I would imagine that in the case of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, yes. They are a huge franchise in their own right. In the case of the 1-15 Chargers (for example), when ownership is likely looking to save money in all areas, the Chargerettes probably do not travel.

As far as preseason, again, as a cost saving measure, the cheerleaders probably do not travel; what would be the point? Preseason is meaningless.* At least they wouldn’t if I owned a team. It really probably depends on the owner.

  • The Steelers just owned the Iggles last night! Yeah!

I would say no. Just from the games I have attended. High school, yes, college, yes, pros, no.

I’m thinking that the answer is no except for the Super Bowl.

College and high school cheerleaders will travel to road games because supporters of the road team usually travel in numbers, get seats together and you can lead cheers.

Fans of the road team in the NFL usually don’t travel to games and if they do go, they don’t all end up in one section of the stadium.

NFL cheerleaders are really more of a dance squad. Unlike in high school or college, when the cheerleaders are there to get fans to cheer.

NFL cheerleaders are pretty much just there for ogling purposes.