NFL Week 14

No thread started and the game is on, so I figured I’d start one for discussion.

I don’t even know why the Steelers kick to Cribbs - every single time he’s ever played them he has ripped them up on special teams.

Game is apparently -15f windchill now with 30-45mph winds. Whee!

NFL network just ran a graphic saying that Pittsburgh was the first team in over a decade never to trail by more than 7 points through the season. That is… until they faced the MIGHTY BROWNS.
Yeah, yeah - we’ve been here before. The reason I hated Crennel the most was because in this sort of situation he would do his best to let the other team catch up. Let’s see if Mangini keeps stepping on their throats.

Also… Josh Cribbs. FUCK YEAH!

I picked the Steelers to win but the Browns to cover this week, so if this score holds up I’m taking credit even if I didn’t post a preview!

They have to be trying to lose.

No other explanation is plausible.

13-3 Browns at halftime. Interesting.

:eek:Whoop! The last time the Chargers lost a December game was in 2005, and the Broncos are up against the Colts, so even though it’ll still be more of a nail-biter than the last few weeks, I think we’re going to do it! Woo-Hoo! :eek::):eek::):eek::slight_smile:

I’ve got your back, ArchiveGuy. The Chargers are in my top five most hated teams, but the Cowboys are a solid #2 on that list. So…go San D!

December 20th will be the undoing of your happy fantasy…

We’ll see about that. **REVENGE** is a dish best served COLD!

Ha ha, fuck the Steelers. Lets see if the Brownies can burn off the time and finish it.

Excellent interview with Cribbs on the NFL Network. Smart kid who seems to get it. Hopefully he’ll get himself a Devin Hester like contract in the offseason.

I’m not sure what they should pay him - he had a shot at being a starting receiver and couldn’t do it, even against no competition - but he helps the team is so many ways. He certainly needs to get paid more, but not like a #1 receiver. I’d like to see him get something like a 10 million signing bonus and maybe 3-4 million a year.
This is the second year in a row that the lowly Browns have beaten the defending superbowl champions on a primetime game.

Hmm, I think I did Pick 'em and Spread, but not Confidence for this game. But I also probably picked the Steelers, so I guess it won’t matter.

To be clear, my rooting for the Chargers is a one-week affair only. Once they beat the Cowboys, their entire roster can go on IR for all I care.

Why do they schedule 10 games in the morning and 3 in the afternoon? They usually have 4 when there are fewer games to go around…

Something is screwed up in Chicago, the Bears game is not on TV right now, nothing but a blank screen. What the fuck.

Bucs are looking like the '76 Bucs. 3 yards total offense so far on 3 drives.

The Bears are also looking like the '76 Bucs. Go figure.

This is like the 3rd week in a row where the Bears WRs are getting mugged and can’t get a PI call to save their lives. Cutler’s bitching must be pissing the refs off.

Or maybe the Bears WRs aren’t really being “mugged” and you’re watching the action with the eyes of a fan. :wink: