NFL Week 14

Thursday, December 10
8:25 PM EST : Minnesota ( 10.5 ) at Arizona ( -10.5 )

Sunday, December 13
1:00 PM EST : San Francisco ( 2 ) at Cleveland ( -2 )
1:00 PM EST : Buffalo ( -1.5 ) at Philadelphia( 1.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Atlanta ( 7.5 ) at Carolina ( -7.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Washington ( 3.5 ) at Chicago ( -3.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Pittsburgh ( 3 ) at Cincinnati ( -3 )
1:00 PM EST : Indianapolis ( - ) at Jacksonville ( - )
1:00 PM EST : San Diego ( 10 ) at Kansas City ( -10 )
1:00 PM EST : Tennessee ( 7.5 ) at NY Jets ( -7.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Detroit ( -2 ) at St. Louis ( 2 )
1:00 PM EST : New Orleans ( 3.5 ) at Tampa Bay ( -3.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Seattle ( - ) at Baltimore ( - )
4:05 PM EST : Oakland ( 7.5 ) at Denver ( -7.5 )
4:25 PM EST : Dallas ( 7.5 ) at Green Bay ( -7.5 )
8:30 PM EST : New England ( -3 ) at Houston ( 3 )

Monday, December 14
8:30 PM EST : NY Giants ( -1.5 ) at Miami ( 1.5 )

Seattle at Baltimore should not be a pick 'em. Baltimore is utterly depleted by injuries on both sides of the ball. Seattle should win easy, even if they are playing an early game on the east coast.

Philly gets no respect after beating the Pats. New England only a 3 point favorite in Houston, probably without Gronk and Edelman yet again. I’m a little surprised Arizona is such a big favorite tonight. has me confused. They are saying Carolina need one more win or a Green Bay loss to clinch a first round bye. The worst Carolina can do is 12-4. The best Green Bay can do is 12-4. Carolina has already beaten Green Bay in a head-to-head. Why isn’t Carolina guaranteed a first round bye?

SportsCenter on my phone is showing Seattle -9.5. Is it possible your data source is not showing a line because of confusion over the Baltimore starting QB?

It’s possible for there to be a three-way tie between Green Bay, Arizona, and Carolina such that Carolina loses the tiebreakers and ends up third. In that scenario, the head-to-head wouldn’t apply, and Carolina would lose out with the worst in-conference record. Their last 4 games, which they’d have lost, are all NFC teams.

Okay, I understand what you are saying, but the tie-breaking procedure is:

Carolina’s record for head-to-head is 1.000
Arizona’s is 0.0000
Green Bays is 0.000

So Carolina gets top spot, and Arizona and Green Bay would go to the second criteria to find out who’s second, right?

Okay I see my error. Its at the end of the page, I was looking at the wrong criteria.

After seeing Seattle manhandle the Vikings on Sunday, Arizona’s performance looked rather pathetic.

I’m actively rooting for the Browns to lose now. I’m afraid they might win this one for absolutely no fucking reason whatsoever and drop from the #1 pick to the #3 pick, we miss another chance at a top QB, and continue to win 4-7 games for the next 5 years.

will the Browns draft another QB or stick with Johnny

They’ll take a QB if they can get one of the top ones.

Manziel is doubly fighting for his life. He needs to do well to have any value and any chance to play in the NFL, but he also would ruin the Browns draft position with any potential wins, decreasing the chance they can get a top QB prospect. He’ll be playing his ass off out there while everyone else has checked out for the season.

The Panthers have 260 yards of offense in the 1st quarter against the Falcons.

Man SF is pathetic.

This team does not deserve the satisfaction of some bullshit counterproductive win after the season they’ve had.

Not for “no fucking reason”, San Francisco is just straight up sad this year. This looks like the late-70s Niners, for whom 3-11 was a good season. Meanwhile, your Brownies had better check their mirrors, those ratbirds look like they are trying to chase Cleveland to the bottom.

The Panthers are flat out embarrassing the Falcons.

The Falcons suck and the Panthers are for real.

Doesn’t a false start necesitate a 10 second runoff? San Diego finish sure is dramatic. Refs swallowed their whistles on downfield contact.

It’s gonna be a hell of a battle down the stretch for draft picks this year. Lot’s of bad teams, but no one taking the lead.

I think the announcers said there was no runoff because the clock was not running at the time.

Buffalo knocked themselves out of the game again with penalties. It looks like another playoff miss.

Seahawks just lost their shiny new rookie RB for the rest of the season with a broken ankle. The slo-mo was not pretty.