NFL Week 17

Jax still hasn’t attempted a pass. Just go for it. Win a game against a tanking team while never throwing a pass. When was the last time that happened?

Personally I’m hoping Denver pulls out the win later.

Does anyone think there’s a hope (if only a fools hope) that the Jets will make it?

Is anyone watching the Colts/Jags games? Is either team trying?

Apparently the Jags have been throwing the ball - stat tracker is just not listing that as a stat. My bad.

I’m pretty displeased with the early games here in Denver:

Saints-Panthers (but I’m not Oakminster)
Jets-Dolphins (I’m not Don Shula either)

I’d much rather watch Detroit or New England. While maybe not as meaningful for the playoffs, they’d be much more fun to watch.

Graham of the Saints just set a record for receiving yards by a tight end, if anyone cares.

Yates apparently seperated his shoulder. 3 QBs down. Delhomme for the redemption.

“Coach Kubiak? Yeah, this is Brett. Brett Favre. I’m still available…”

If you pull this shit off Colts, I will forgive you for 50% of your transgressions against me.

Just got switched to a “more competitive game” because some guy on a 3-12 team is making a run at breaking the season sack record.


Nope. Fuck you indefinitely Colts.

Hopefully at least Minnesota can pull one off at least.

Graham and Gronokowski are swapping the record back and forth. Graham just re-took the lead, as the Saints are driving, up 45-17.

Saints now in victory formation, so we’ll see if Graham keeps the record or not. Unsure how much time is left in NE game…

They just had Brian Hoyer throw a 20ish yard pass to Gronkowski with under 2 minutes, up 28… makes you wonder if they were paying attention to that TE record, since they kneeled immediately after.

Well the Vikes couldn’t pull it off. Nothing is going right today. Browns will probably beat the Steelers.

Probably, and I can’t say I blame them. Saints did what they could to give Graham a chance in their game, too. Gronk’s had an awesome year…so has Graham.

5 TDs has got to be a record for any quarterback making his second start.

Just heard “Baltimore still in the running for the #1 seed” from someone at CBS. That’s wrong, isn’t it? New England has it locked up.

It’s wrong. NE are now 13-3 and a Ravens win makes them 12-4. They’ll be the #2 seed as long as they win today, though (or if the Steelers lose), since Houston lost.

I don’t know how you manage to have 2 late games on TV and not show any of the 3 games I’m interested in.

Edit: And it’s not just my personal interest, the ones I want to see have the most immediate playoff implications too.

Three and out for the Broncos. I can’t figure out why that seems familar.

Rams almost came back, but I don’t think that would have saved Spagnuolo’s job. I expect him to be clearing out his desk tomorrow.

At the beginning of the season, I made what I thought was a strong case that Steven Jackson was done. I was 100% wrong.

The Browns punter almost went the entire season without making a touchback, but he blew his streak today. An odd yet remarkable streak, especially given how often the Browns punt.