NFL Week 7

So week 7 starts tonight with the Chicago Bears at the Green Bay Packers. (Un)fortunately, tonight has been designated “date night”, and I’ll be out for dinner during the game. I refuse to be pessimistic about the Pack, even with all the evidence to the contrary and No Lacy.

Outside of that, the only two games that intrigue me are the local Vikings traveling to Sam Bradford’s former team, Philadelphia, and New England visits Pittsburgh. Both could be great games. Both could be terrible blowouts, in either direction.

Packers look like the borrowed spare uniforms from Good Humor.

Very poor first half but they seem to be finally waking up.

So that is what a completely one dimensional offense we looks like. Rodgers looked … better … than the last few games, but the complete lack of a down field passing game is disconcerting. And Rodgers needs to do a much better job protecting the ball. Luckily they were playing the Bears
It’s been interesting to see the diversity of the Packer offense, and its ability to adjust week to week based on the opposing defense and/or the complete lack of running backs. But, again, unless the deep passing game becomes something opposing defenses need to worry about, this offense will continue to struggle.

But the Packers beat the Bears, so its still a good night.

Atlanta-SD has the potential to be a fun 45-42 kind of game.

This just confirms that da Bears are giving the Brownies fierce competition for worst team in the league. Their D just flat-out quit in the 4th, and surely they must’ve been able to find SOMEBODY who could at least get Rodgers to stop picking on Davante’s cover man. (I don’t recall his name, and I don’t want to.) 3 PI’s? Really?

Well, they did have to cover over 60 pass plays, a defense can only do so much. Maybe if the offense had given them a little more than 3 points…

CLE @ CIN -10

-10! Don’t be surprised to see the Browns make this one a lot closer than that. They often find a way to steal a game from the Bengals. Of course, their chances this week are greatly impacted by Terrelle Pryor’s availability.

Hey now, the Bears at least beat the Lions, who beat the Eagles, who beat the Steelers, who beat the Washington Professional Football Team, who beat the Giants, who beat the Cowboys, who beat the Packers. By the transitive property, the Bears are light-years ahead of the Packers.

Having to start that chain at the Lions made that a lot more difficult than it should be.

Was it that or were they exhausted since the offense couldn’t stay on the field?

Most of Rodgers’ receivers played the same number of plays, but they didn’t have any trouble getting open.

Because I could, I switched from the Giants-Rams coverage on NFL Network to the coverage on BBC2. I should have thought of it before 6 minutes left in the first, because I then could have watched 10 hours of commercial-free football today instead of just 7. The only thing that would have made it better would be if the BBC had its own live play-by-play and color.

I only watched (or had to watch) the second half. Goff can’t develop fast enough.

I’m not sure you can take anything from these games. Both teams looked jet lagged and off; I think it’s kind of absurd that these games even count in the standings.

Jet lag makes a game not count? These are professional athletes, who beat each other senseless, get injured, and are never truly healthy from the first day of training camp. If it’s jet lag that throws them off and makes the game so absurd as to not count and not the myriad of strains, sprains, bruises, bumps, and soreness they suffer every week, whether in London or in their own stadium, then something is seriously wrong.

An amazing catch by AJ Green to end the half in Cinci.

Brown’s on their fifth QB.


The Browns would’ve won this game, I think, if Kessler hadn’t gone down for the 8th time and a quarterback in general for the 50th.

With that defense, they wouldn’t have won this game with Bernie Kosar as QB.

Down by 17 halfway through the 4th quarter with the defense playing prevent. It’s Blake Bortles’ “get stats to make people think I’m a good NFL QB” time to shine!

I mean, I was kidding.

Now here’s an example of a great, low-scoring game, as poorly as the Seattle offense is playing. Cards are shutting 'em down completely, and the 'Hawks D oughtta be getting combat ribbons for what they’re doing tonight.