NFL Week 7

Denver Broncos (-2) at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday 9:30am
Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers (-6) in London
Sunday early
New England Patriots (-3) at Chicago Bears

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts (-6.5)

Detroit Lions at Miami Dolphins (NL)

Minnesota Vikings (-3) at New York Jets

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5)

Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5)

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5)
Sunday late
New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5)

Los Angeles Rams (-11) at San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (-2.5)

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs (-6)
New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons (-3)

Byes: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle

Are there any NFL highlight/film breakdown shows that consist largely of highlights and film breakdown, and not just a bunch of ex players yelling cliches at each other? For the last 10 years, they seem desperate to speed through 30 seconds of actual game footage so they can move onto 5 minutes of talking head segments. I don’t get it - who watches football highlight shows to watch a bunch of jocks talk about it and not actual football highlights?

ESPN’s “NFL Matchup” used to be such a show, especially when Ron Jaworski hosted it. He and co-host Merril Hoge were laid off by ESPN last year, and while the show is still on, I haven’t watched it of late, so I can’t comment on whether it still has that style to it.

Also, the show now apparently is run in the middle of the night on ESPN2, which suggests to me that the network doesn’t feel it has much appeal.

The state of pregame and highlight shows has never been worse. Terry Bradshaw’s half-time updates are a disaster.

Ah good, another primetime game where it was over in the first quarter.

I know you posted the schedule, but I’ll reemphasize for fantasy and pick ‘em type leagues: This week has the first early Sunday London game so don’t get caught.

As a Broncos fan, I want to be excited that it’s over in the first quarter. But I just can’t be. I should’ve just started with the baseball game.

I picked a good pair of WRs to start on my fantasy team this week: both Fitzgerald and Sanders have touchdown catches, and Sanders has thrown one, too. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe this Cardinals team has a win.

Von Miller is pretty darned good. Josh Rosen looks pretty atrocious. :frowning:

But that win was against the 49ers. They have them again on the 28th, and I’m curious how that matchup goes a second time. Rosen vs Beathard, Clash of the Whatevers.

Ooof, I was thinking that was a weird line with the Broncos only giving 2. I should’ve put some money down. Also, I should’ve learned how one puts money down haha.

I assume the -6 refers to how many players the Chiefs will be down after Vontaze Burfict permanently disfigures them. I’m not really familiar with betting but that’s pretty morbid. But I suppose it is not unwarranted.

The 'Niners gave the Pack a good run for its money last weekend, so I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them under Beathard. :wink:

It’s pretty bad when the “over/under” on a game has to do with players put out of commission by injury… :eek:

ESPN radio guys were talking about Burfict this morning and all agree he’s too dangerous. His goal is not to win games, but to hurt people. Mahomes is the a QB golden boy, so if Burfict injures him I’m sure the league will take serious action. But receivers over the middle? Pfft, not so important to the league.

Sounds like ESPN’s got a whole lot of pearl clutching going on. I mean really, “too dangerous”? Yeah, to himself maybe.

He doesn’t want to win? That’s a huge leap. He hasn’t even been flagged for anything (yet)!!

Check out the links in post #11, it’s a lot more than just ESPN.

Browns trading Carlos Hyde to Jacksonville

Gotta say this is weird as fuck, he’s been very good. I guess it’s Chubb time.

Weird, indeed. And they only get a 5th round pick. You’d think Jacksonville would be pretty desperate, although Yeldon has been serviceable while Fournette has been out. This is a strange trade to make at this point in the season.

Good for me, I picked up Duke Johnson last week.


Looks like my time on the Yeldon train in the dynasty league is coming to an end, since I can’t imagine starting two different backs on the same team.

I guess Fournette’s rehab isn’t going well?