NFL - Week 9

Weird play to kick off the Bears-Lions game this afternoon. On the first play from scrimmage Dan Orlovsky threw an interception to Mike Brown that appeared to be returned for a touchdown. The refs reviewed the play and overturned the call making it an interception but down by contact. This was weird because the WR, Calvin Johnson, and the FS, Mike Brown, both closed on the ball at the same time and they made contact before the ball reached the target and before the ball was intercepted. The contact knocked Mike Brown to the ground but he still caught the ball after the contact. Now, since he was the defender when the contact was made and possession had not been established it seems to me that he should be allowed to get up and run so long as he wasn’t touched down after he caught the ball. That wasn’t the call however. The ref didn’t really elaborate on the rules so I’m curious if anyone knows what the proper ruling here is. Can a player be knocked to the ground before he catches the ball? Can a defender be considered to be knocked down when it’s still the offenses ball? I recall the famous Antonio Freeman play against the Packers where he was knocked down before he made a circus catch and he was allowed to return the ball, so my instinct is that this was a blown call.

Anyways, it cost the Bears 4 points since they ended up settling for a FG on that possession, though after dominating the 1st quarter I don’t suppose it’ll matter too much.

No sooner do I say something stupid like this the Lions cash in for 2 quick TDs. Nice job D.

Make that 3. Fuck.

The Cardinals are coming back to life finally. A terrible start to the game, but the Cards look like they’re in control now. I don’t think Edge has touched the ball yet, which is really odd.

Is anyone watching the Jags game? My SO is a SERIOUS Jags fan and I won’t be calling him tonight if they lose. Is it a bad call game? What’s Jones-Drew doing?

I’m watching the Jets/Bills game. Pretty good so far.

Let’s get used to a few new phrases.

  1. First place Arizona Cardinals.
  2. Playoff bound Arizona Cardinals.

First Place Arizona Car…
First place Arizona Card…

First place Arizona Cardi…

Nope, still can’t do it. Give me a few weeks.

The Cards have been in first place since the start of the season.

Hey, what do you know. Now that Rex Grossman is in the game Lovie has discovered the QB Dive again. 2 times on short yardage, once on the goal line, in the second half and the QB Dive netted about 5 yards. If he’d have called that against the Falcons we’d be 5-2. Let’s see if they can hang onto this one.
ETA1 …and we shank the punt giving away a short field. Here we go again.

ETA2 …fumble, thankfully the Lions are more eager to lose than we are…

Oooo, who’s the hottie on the Bucs sideline there?

I don’t see what’s so scary about seeing the phrase “first-place and playoff bound” and “Cardinals” in the same sentence.

This is the MLB thread, right?

Clearly this stupid icing-the-kicker trend isn’t dead. But now it seems relegated to terrible coaches.


The Packers lose in overtime. They played a heckuva game, but a couple of turnovers really cost them. Their fat guys on defense played OK, but they gave up 170+ yards rushing on the D Line and had problems getting consistent pressure. And they just wore down by the end of the game, with the Titans running over them in the end of the 4th and in overtime. Their O Line also had problems, giving up 4 sacks and some pressure.

Still, it was a tough fought game, but, by the end, their fat guys outlasted our fat guys. It’s a costly loss, with the Lions throwing another win away and the Vikings getting a win. With the Vikings and the Bears on their schedule next, they’ve made the job of winning the division a bit tougher.

Congrats to the Titans, they’re a disciplined, well coached team the wins the old fashioned way. Still, it would have been nice to have knocked them out of being undefeated.

John Gruden.

Everybody was in first place at the start.

What the hell is wrong with the turf. Players have fallen several times and the Lion kicker slipped planting his foot on a field goal. No snow or ice.

Wow. That game in Cleveland was a thing of beauty. I love the Browns’ consistency, they’re always fun to beat. Joe Flacco may be a rookie, but he’s the real deal.

The Bears might be without Orton for the rest of the year if that knee/ankle issue is serious. It looked like one of those freak injuries that pops an ACL and the fact that he was ruled out of the 2nd half pretty much immediately makes me extra worried. Grossman looked better than expected considering the circumstances, but this was the Lions. Grossman’s arm was a bit rusty and he missed some open targets, I think that will improve if he’s starting the next few games, he has always been able to throw. He made pretty much all the right reads, which was a surprise, but we’ll see once teams can gameplan for him. He stood in the pocket too long and allowed a bunch of balls to be batted at the line which is very worrisome. All in all, the Bears might have taken a bigger step back than the Packers did this week.

It wasn’t the whole field. There was just some weirdness between the hashmarks inside that one 20 yard line. Half of the time it just looked like the players were tripping over their own feet, no so much slippery but maybe the grass was extra long or their cleats were getting hung up in the turf. Definitely strange, we haven’t had any rain this week and the weather has been unseasonably warm for the last 4 or 5 days.

For your sake, he better be. He’s cut down on the ints the last few games, so he is definitely getting better. But remember, he did it against the Browns and the Raiders.