NFL Week 9

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ATL 43, TB 28

Sunday early


Sunday late




I never realized how intense the Irving-Erving rivalry is!

And the Browns maintain their record of the most consistent team in the NFL.

Jimmy’s parents are getting divorced. The judge asks Jimmy, “Do you want to live with your mother?”

“No!”, says Jimmy. “My mother beats me!”

“Do you want to live with your father?”

“No!”, says Jimmy. “My father beats me!”

“Well, who do you want to live with?” asks the judge.

“I want to live with the Cleveland Browns. They don’t beat anybody!”


Monday morning, 12 games complete and just 3 posts?

Are Dopers boycotting the NFL?

We’ve played nine weeks of football, no team in the AFC North has a winning record, and yet somehow the Browns have still managed to basically eliminate themselves from contention.

Their remaining opponents are the Ravens, Steelers x2, Giants, Bengals, Bills, Chargers. None are exactly world beaters, there must be win in there somewhere, right? RIGHT?!?

No, but I think the Packers are.


The AFC is kind of a mess. The playoff teams as of today are the Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, and the other 3 division leaders. Next behind them are 6 teams with 4 wins each. The Raiders, Broncos, and Chiefs still have 4 to play between themselves, so those 4-win teams probably have a chance if they can put together a few wins.

These threads are usually just partisan bickering. Maybe folks have had their fill of that elsewhere this year, for some reason.

Last year’s weekly NFL threads were going 2 pages, easy. Interest definitely seems to be in decline. We all know TV ratings are down for the NFL. There are many reasons, and yes, part of it is probably election year.

The officiating in this Monday night game is atrocious. Sherman blatantly roughed the kicker after an offsides call but doesn’t get called for that, and since the kicker was injured naturally they make Buffalo have him sit a play, then after a spike the officals give the ball back to Buffalo after eating up all but 5 seconds on the play clock. What the F? This was comically bad.

I cheer the Seahawks. They’re the home team. But I agree with what you said.

And then the Bills got called for taunting and lost 15 yards. I am very, very far from being an expert at football. I don’t think I really started watching until this century, as opposed to being raised with it. But it didn’t look like much of a taunt to me.

He didn’t rough the kicker. He was definitely offside (and received a penalty for it), but the refs failed to blow the whistle to stop the play before Sherman dove to block the ball with his hand. Contact with the kicker is not a penalty if the person who contacted the kicker also blocked the kick, which he did and it is clearly what his intention was when he reached out his hand to touch the ball. I believe the non-call for roughing or running into the kicker was correct.

Players are taught from a young age to continue play until the whistle is blown. You can certainly make the case that the whistle should have been blown much sooner, but it wasn’t, and that’s not Sherman’s fault.

Regarding the taunt, that type of thing is correctly called all the time. It’s stupid that players still allow themselves to lose discipline like that, but you still see it every week.

Dean Blandino, the head of NFL officiating, disagrees with you. He said it should have been a roughing call (the whistle was blown) and the clock should have been reset.

Taunting is a bullshit penalty. Nowadays, if you do anything other than walk back to the huddle it’s flagged. It’s political correctness run amok. Suck it up, this is the pros.

And that was NOT roughing. I couldn’t care less what Blandino says. He’s not the god of football.

That was a relatively blatant taunt, he literally pointed the football at Lane’s face and jawed at him.

They’ll call something as innocuous as spinning a football on the ground taunting so by current standards that was an easy taunting call.

For some reason the NFL is really cracking down on that stuff this year. Along with most on-field celebrations, which used to be a really entertaining part of football when I was a kid.

It can’t be called roughing the kicker, by definition. As soon as Sherman was offsides, the play was dead and never happened, so there was no kicker to rough.

It can, however, be called unnecessary roughness, and probably should have been.

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