NHL: April 2011

April 3rd and the Leafs are still mathematically in it.

Yes, I know it ain’t gonna happen, but at least the rebuilding process has begun.

At the start of the year I told my Senator’s-fan friend that the Leafs would be just on the cusp this year. Looks like I nailed it.

Next year with Reimer as the starter they will make the playoffs. You heard it here first.

So… On to the playoffs for the other 16 teams. For now. (Go Vancouver!)

If Reimer is the starter next year, and Giguere is elsewhere, would you keep the Monster as backup, or trade him and look for someone else?

I want someone else.

I’ve never been too impressed with the Monster. I wouldn’t be overly upset in the short term, but I don’t think he’s NHL caliber. Nothing to do with his heart issues, I just don’t think he has the reflexes.


For the handful of games left, I thought we’d stick to one thread then get the playoffs rolling.

I tend to think of goalies as being somewhat apart from their teams, and so can respect them even though I loathe/mock everyone else. My comments:

Plagiarizing from someone on HI/O: “If Glenn Healy is going to fellate James Reimer on air, the CBC should at least have an R rating for Hockey Night in Canada!”

I think Reimer is as much a saviour as Gustavsson was for the Leafs, I also think the organization can - and will - destroy him in the same way. They’d be better goalies in another organization (yes, the Habs are just as guilty of this as anyone!) The nickname Optimus Reim cracks me up, and the logo he’s added to his mask is awesome.

I like that the Leafs are still in the race for 9th place. It gives me the satisfaction of pointing and laughing, as well as knowing that Boston won’t get much better, statistically speaking. Keep it up, Burkie!

I was really hoping the Sens would have sent them golfing. No, they can only beat the teams that are slightly ahead of them in the race for the number one draft pick. Assholes. :mad:

Reimer is a huge question mark at best. I couldn’t care less that my most hated team wants to bet the farm on him, but IMHO it would make far more sense to go after Voukun or Bryzgalov. This is the only team that’s had close to the shitty luck with goalies that Ottawa has. They traded Tuuka Rask to make room for Justin Pogge; 'nuff said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canes and Caps win( I feel odd cheering for Ovi), Canes are within 1 point of 8th place. Today we play Buffalo.

Detroit slinks into the playoffs with the OT win over Nashville for the 20th consecutive appearance, maintaining their longest active post season streak. Doesn’t change the fact that they should be very concerned going into the playoffs. To say that their play has been inconsistent would be a rather large understatement.

Stars kept their hopes alive with a win over Anaheim last night. A very nice schedule for the last week with Colorado twice, Columbus, and Minnesota.

God damn. My Satellite reception went out in the second period with the Stars up 3-2. It didn’t come back for 3-4 hours. I saw that the Stars won but it wasn’t until this morning that I saw the 2 disallowed goals. I was glad to see that the refs are picking up their games as the playoffs near.

A Habs win over the Blackhawks tomorrow will wrap up a playoff spot, and also give a much needed boost to the Flames playoff hopes.

On a sadder note, Mandy Schwartz, sister of St. Louis Blue prospect Jaden Schwartz, passed away after a two year battle with cancer.

Judging from the effort in their 4-1 loss to the Oiler’s, the Canucks have already mailed it in.

I’m looking forward to the end of this week to see who they will be playing in round 1.

Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming are my heros today. Thisis just too hilariously awesome.

“Old guy in the front seat, headcase in the backseat…!”

Just did a quick check to see what the standings would look like if there were no shootouts and no points for overtime losses.

The eight playoff teams in the East would still be the same, except that Pittsburgh and Tampa would swap fourth and fifth (Pittsburgh moving to fifth, Tampa to fourth). The Sabres and Canes would actually be tied for eighth, with the Sabres having more wins, and the Leafs just two points back.

The West would also retain the same eight playoff teams, although with more switching of seeds. Anaheim would move from seventh to fourth, and the Kings vice versa. The Kings would actually be tied with the Hawks in points and wins, but Chicago has the season series. The 'Yotes would hold steady in fifth, and Chicago and Nashville would swap seeds six and eight (the Hawks moving up.) The Stars would be two points out, and the Flames would be eliminated.

So far, this is the first season since the lockout that all the current playoff teams would still be in the playoffs if there were no shootouts and no points for losing in OT.

Unless I don’t quite understand your point, this was also true last year. Or are you taking away wins for shootouts and turning them into one-point ties?

Yes. I count all shootouts, won or lost, as one-point ties, and OT losses as regular losses.

Why couldn’t the Habs win in regulation?

Nice win by the Stars tonight, 3-0 with 2 of the goals as empty netters. The Stars can run the table in their last 3 games as both Colorado and Minnesota have packed it in for the season. Gonna make me sick to root for the Wings, but Chicago has to give up their playoff spot!

Because it’s more fun this way!

Habs are in, Leafs are out, and I’m absolutely giddy. PK SUBBANG!

I’ll make sure I do my happy dance post when the Habs are beat out of the playoffs too.

Thanks. :rolleyes:

“The first sign of Spring in Ontario,” or so read the caption above this picture in an e-mail I got this morning.


It was forwarded to me by a fellow who used to play organ at Maple Leaf Gardens, which made it doubly drole for me. :smiley:

The Senators picked a great fucking time to go on a hot streak. And here I’ve been making fun of the Leafs for going on a hot streak after hitting rock bottom every year. Once Nashville goes one and out I hope the Sens trade that pick to move up the lottery.