NHL: November 2021

Here’s a new thread for November.

Not too surprising that Carey Price was in a rehab facility.

Now he has to work with the trainer to get back into hockey shape.

Good luck to him.

The Blue Jackets are going to retire Rick Nash’s number.

Nash was a fine player, but I’m not sure he was good enough to warrant retiring his number. This seems like an attempt for the Blue Jackets to create a legacy that really hasn’t been there. I saw their first game in 2000 and they’ve been mediocre for most of the last 20 years.

Here we go again, the next 3 Ottawa Senators games are postponed due to players in the Covid protocol.

I subscribe to the NHL Centre Ice package. The 2 games that I have seen via Centre Ice that came from ESPN/ Hulu have been terrible.

It is pretty clear that the announcers are not actually at the game and the way they try and put crowd noise over them is cringeworthy. Last night I am not sure the play by play person and the colour guy were in the same location. The background tones were different and their voices seemed to be at different levels.

Then there is the fact that all their commercials and some of their studio time are just dead air in Canada. It really is a bad product.

Ouch, the Hockey News came out with their team rankings and Montreal is in dead last. Man, how that team has fallen.

Heh - surprised the Canucks are ranked above them. It could be argued they’re in worse straights.

Anybody putting Montreal under the Coyotes is straight up factually incorrect - the Coyotes are in a league of their own. It may have changed recently, but as of a few days ago the Coyotes were on pace to have one of the worst point totals of all time (were on pace for 20), one of the worst plus/minuses of all time (approximately -200), and the lowest or one of the lowest goals for ever (approximately 150). They have been so absolutely, shockingly bad that it’s sort of interesting to watch.

The article says ‘…I think it was low-key impressive the Coyotes won two of their past five…’

Chicago Blackhawks already down 4-0 at Edmonton, I’m at a Chicago sports bar and no one is even watching. I switched to the Caps vs Sharks on my iPad

I’m hoping the Islanders’ slogan for this year is, “the sooner we fall behind, the more time we have to catch up!”.

ok this is gross - brace yourself.

Just leaked - the new alternate New Jersey jersey…

Like…everything about it is just so fantastically awful and putrid. Couldn’t give a horse’s ahem about the “throwback” striping.

That’s terrible, but not as bad as the Gorton’s Fisherman’s jersey.

During the Sunday game between Washington and Carolina, Aliaksei Protas scored his first NHL goal. The announcers said he was the sixth Cap to get their first goal this season. It’s an obscure statistic but seems like a lot.

Not sure where the refs were during this slough-foot.

Never got called, but luckily it didn’t get by the Department of Player Safety (always got a slight chuckle out of that title) (and being run by George Parros), who gave the little weasel three games, which has been the longest suspension handed out this season.
And pulling that crap right by the boards - dangerous as all-get-out.

Seven round shootout in the Penguins-Flames games last night. The most were 20 and 15 rounds, both losses for the Capitals versus Florida and the NY Rangers respectively.

Anybody want to place bets on how long it will be before the Houston Coyotes begin play?

I just wish that if they did move, it would be to Quebec City instead, where the sport is oodles more popular, with a perfectly adequate facility all ready to go.
Sure, they could fill a void in Houston after the AHL Aeros split the scene about eight years ago, but naaa this Canuck’s allegiances will say pooh to that.