NHL question

If a team scores an empty netter with the goalie pulled, does that effect the plus minus?

It’s still an even strength goal, so I’m pretty sure it’s still considered in the plus-minus statistic.

I’m not sure that even strength goals have anything to do with it. I’m pretty sure a short handed goal affects the plus minus.

That is correct, a short-handed goal is a +1 for the scoring team.

When a team scored against an empty net it is +1 for scoring team and -1 for scored upon team.

Yes, you’re right and I wasn’t clear.

A shortie affects the plus-minus as well, but a pulled goalie is an even strength goal which is where the plus-minus is counted too.

You can have six men or women on the ice…you don’t have to have a goalie. You’d lose without one, but you don’t have to have one :slight_smile:

Trivia - if you lose on an empty net goal in OT you don’t get 1 point. Not sure if that has ever happened. The main reason for this would be the last game of the season where you need 2 points to make the playoffs.

Is there a reason given for this exception?

It leads to an interesting math puzzle I always meant to figure out, but then get bored and quite looking at stats since I don’t have access to a database
What is the average league net(Hehe) plus or minus, since ± is not given to Goalies?

I assume it has to be a bit minus, Every empty net gives 5 pluses and 6 minuses, with other possibilities giving minor variations for empty netters with 5-4, and 4-3 (the last of which I don’t remember ever seeing never seen). Of course every pulled-goalie scores swings it the other way, with all of the same combinations, but it is less common.

There is also the net minus from the shorties with goalie in net, giving either 1 extra minus.
Then the combos, pulled goalie, shorthanders add even more to the minus, since there is no net positive plus possible, 6-4, 5-3, and 6-3(which again I don’t know I have ever seen).