NHL season begins Jan 13 with new divisions


“New York Saints!!!”

Interedsting - never heard an NHL crowd sound all chanty like a Prem. one.

Yeah, they were nonstop, and singing songs, just like a soccer crowd.

NY Saints is hilarious, given Cassidy’s whining.

Deets bedamned - suffice it to say that the first minute of this PVR’d Avs/Knights game is maybe the most cray-insane, hair-raising opening minute of hockey I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t followed this thread, so perhaps it has already been mentioned, but these upcoming semi-finals are very unique. Not only haven’t any of these sides played each other, but neither have any of divisions. It’s almost like the champions of 4 different leagues meeting in a grand showdown. It’s quite intriguing, and will be interesting to follow.

Well, one of the series will be. I’d like to see the Habs be competitive, but I think they’re swept easily.

That’s pretty much my point. How can we know? I think many expected TB to dominate NYI as well.

I don’t know about dominate; TB beat the Isles last year in the playoffs, but it wasn’t a sweep or anything.

It is funny that these playoffs have produced a series pitting the NHL’s oldest franchise (Canadiens) against it’s youngest (Golden Knights).

I don’t want to jinx anything, but the underdog has beaten the favorite in many of the series leading up to these semis. So, Isles/Habs?

More seriously, there was a big difference in competition in the four divisions. The East was brutal, IMO, and North and Central not nearly as competitive (I don’t really follow the West at all). So, is it possible that the Isles and Knights are just more battle hardened?

I have a question, which I hope isn’t too far afield for this thread. The odds for game 1 of the NYI/TBL were decidedly in TBL’s favor, according to Vegas lines. For game 2, they are more in TBL’s favor – I guess it can be difficult to win two games in an away arena.

My question is, is there a place where I can see the odds for past games? I’m just wondering if the Islanders have ever been favored in these playoffs.

Answering my own question. This website his historical opening and closing odds for the whole season. There were two home games were the Isles were very slightly favored against the Penguins (-110/-105), but otherwise, the opposing team were always the bettors’ faves.

ETA: I only looked at the playoff games. I’m sure the Isles were favorites for many games during the regular season.

Marc-Andre Fleury might not get any sleep tonight.

Indeed, and if he goes to sleep, he’s probably going to see Josh Anderson in his nightmares.

That was some old time Montreal magic last night. The shots were roughly 6-1 after the first period and close to 4-1 after the second but were able to get it to under 2-1 by the end of the game.

If Price has an off game last night, it would have been ugly.